September 5, 2010

My NOTD from yesterday: Sparkly Underwear

Friday night I was searching my polish stash for a good pair of "underwear" aka a nude color polish that is good for layering under sheer colors. Well I found one that works good enough for me, then I jazzed it up with glitter hence the Sparkly Underwear.

This is 2 coats of my "underwear" Ulta- Sheer Beige topped with 3 coats of OPI- Yule Love This Silver.

These pictures greatly benefit from being clicked on :)

Direct Sunlight

Under a Daylight bulb


  1. It's SO cute! I love it still, so much.

  2. Thanks Nikki! I love it too! I don't want to take it off :(

  3. this is soo cute! i shouldn't take it off for at least a week if I were you :)

  4. i tagged you here

  5. You had me at Sparkly Underwear! LOL LOve the name. And glitter makes everything better!

  6. I want a pair of sparkly underwear for myself :)

  7. glad you all like my Sparkly Underwear lol. I love when layering experiments turn out awesome like this one did!

  8. So Sheer Beige is not all that sheer, I guess. Good to know.


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