September 3, 2010

NYX Jungle and NYX Purple Avenue

Good Morning! Happy Friday! I'm am so ready for my long weekend!

Today I have for you a couple perty polishes! First up is NYX- Jungle, it is a blue/green with a little shimmer..pretty gorgeous. It reminds me a lot of Jade-Betrayal that I posted a couple weeks ago, except this one didn't stain! It is a bit sheer, I liked it at 2 coats but I could still see VNL so I put on a 3rd coat to eliminate it.

This is 3 coats of NYX- Jungle and 1 coat Sally Hansen Insta Dri

I got bored with Jungle after a little while so I decided to layer on top of it! I used 1 coat of NYX- Purple Avenue. Purple Avenue is a sheer lavender base packed with small flakies that only seemed to flash green over Jungle. I really liked this combo!

This is 1 coat of NYX- Purple Avenue layered over NYX- Jungle


  1. Gorgeous! I want to go to Purple Avenue. :P

  2. What a perfect combination! And now I need to get Purple Avenue. :)

  3. Those are both great colors individually, but together they're even better. Thanks for sharing.

  4. oh it is pretty with flakies, i swatched it few days ago, i love it :-)

  5. omg these are gorgeous! I need to try these out!

  6. That's a great color on its own, but it looks very shiny. I wouldn't stand it by itself for long either. That NYC Purple Avenue looks really great with it, though!

  7. i have been lemming that NYX forever but never seem to place an order. Looks really similar to Bloom Bianca though??? if so you have a MUCH cheaper alternative!

  8. glad you all like these!! I really liked this combo!

    Jess- It does look really similar to that Bloom. I think the Bloom might have a bit more green but they seem pretty close! At least from the pictures I've seen!

  9. Can't believe Jungle this is still on of my untrieds! This is one that I liked in the bottle but never wore... Thanks for the inspiration.


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