September 29, 2010

OPI- Simmer & Shimmer

Guess what I got today?!? I got my hot little hands on the new OPI Burlesque collection! I've been calling and calling my local beauty supply pretty much daily for the last 2 weeks asking when they were going to get them, this afternoon I finally got "yes we just got them" that I had been waiting for! I hauled ass over there after work and picked up all of the glitters along with The Show Must Go On and Teas-y Does It. I was so excited I didn't know why to try first so I just closed my eyes and reached in the bag to pick, Simmer & Shimmer was the lucky winner!

Simmer & Shimmer is a glitter bomb that is very reminiscent  of Mad As A Hatter from the Alice In Wonderland collection. It's packed with Blue, Silver and Fuchsia glitter mostly along with some sparse Gold and Green. The blue is the most dominant in this one, it's so pretty! The coverage was pretty good, I did 3 medium coats for full coverage. Now that I've tried this one out I can't wait to put on the others!

This is 3 coats of OPI- Simmer & Shimmer and 1 coat of China Glaze Fast Forward. These photos are clickable.


  1. OMGG so pretty. Mine are coming in tomorrow. Can't wait to try them all!

  2. I have bought these through TD a few days ago, the only glitter bomb I got was the pink one, but I am SO excited for them to arrive! A shame it will probably be like 3 weeks from here lol!

    This looks very pretty on you!
    Would look adorable over a light blue too!

  3. Stunning! :)

    Can't wait to get my hands on Show it and glow it! <3

  4. Can't wait for this collection to come to Sweden!

  5. This is gorgeous! I dont have anything like this!

  6. OW this is just gorgeous! I have to wait till my birthday...

  7. So exciting! I can't wait to go find them all!

  8. I'm waiting for my transdesign order to arrive wit 5 of the burlesque polishes. Didn't order simmer&shimmer, your swatches make me regret my decision.


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