September 4, 2010

OPI- Unripened vs. Sinful Colors- Love Bite

Happy Saturday, I tried to sleep in this morning but my jerk of a neighbor decided 8am would be a great time to edge his sounded like he was grounding concrete over there for like an hour. I was not a happy camper, hopefully I can sleep in tomorrow instead!

Today I have for you a comparison between OPI- Unripened from the Go Goth Halloween mini set and Sinful Colors- Love Bite. If you don't have Love Bite it is the same as Sinful Colors- What's Your Name...Sinful likes to give the same polishes different names and re-release them sometimes...that was the case with What's Your Name and Love Bite. Anyway, I knew these looked similiar in the bottle but just finally got around to doing a comparison between them. Let me tell you, if you have one you don't really need the other unless you are a freak like me and want them both anyway. To my eyeballs they are very similar. The only difference being maybe the teeniest amount of more teal glitter in the OPI. But really, you can only see that in direct sun so who cares! The application was good on both, I did like the OPI formula a little better, the Sinful Colors polish dragged a little bit.

I used 2 coats of both colors, OPI- Unripened is on my middle finger and Sinful Colors- Love Bite is on my index and ring fingers.

Inside lighting, no special bulb or anything like that

Direct Sunlight


  1. Thanks for this comparison! I love the OPI Go Goth set but hate OPI mini bottles.

  2. I'm going to have to put Love Bite on my list (I carry a list in my purse just in case). Great colors!!!

  3. Thank you for doing a comparison. I figured that these two polishes were for all intents and purposes, dupes. Now I can save the nine bucks I would have spent on the OPI version and blow that money on something else. :D

  4. They really look the same, in regular light and sunlight. But hey, you can never have too many polishes! ;P

  5. Thanks for the comparison. I really have to get more Sinful Colors :)


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