September 24, 2010

pa- A24

yay an afternoon post! A couple nights ago I was waiting for a pizza to be done and wandered over to an Asian grocery store that is in the same shopping center. I wasn't really looking for anything, mostly just trying to wander and kill time. And guess what I found...PA polish, I didn't even know that we could find this in the states. It never occurred to me that specialty stores like that might carry specialty cosmetics available in the region that their target clientele is from. I about died when I found the huge display, they had every color in the rainbow including a ton with awesome holo and hex glitter. I ended up leaving with 5 new pretties, the one I have for you in this post is the only one I got that isn't chocked full of glitter. Those swatches are coming soon...

I'm not sure if these just have numbers as names or what, but the bottle says A24 on it so I guess that's it's name? Anyway, this is a really rich medium/dark purple with a gold shimmer that shows best on my middle finger in the picture by the way I had my hand angled. I have a lot of shimmery purples in my stash but nothing quite like this! The formula was pretty great on this, nothing to complain about. Not sure if these are big 3 free or not, I can tell you that it did not smell awful, so that's good!

If you're looking for these I would definitely recommend stopping by an Asian or Korean grocery store, they might just have them! The price was a little steep, $5.98, the bottle is small but it's full of awesome so I'm okay with that lol.

This is 2 coats of pa- A24 and 1 coat of China Glaze Fast Forward


  1. That is pretty. Love that sneaky shimmer. :D

  2. Oooh! That's a really pretty color. Great find!

  3. ohh wow i love this color!

    Never heard of this brand befor ...

    xx Ilja

  4. This is really pretty!Don't you just love when you find nail polish in random stores?

  5. I've never seen any thing quite like this! It's so pretty. I don't have any thing like that around here. How was the concert? Have fun?


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