September 27, 2010

Some Models Own spam

Hey guys, a while back I took advantage of the 50% off sale Models Own had, I got 8 polishes in total. I had a swatch fest this weekend and here are pictures of all but Betty Blue! The formula was good on all of them except for Green Grass, it was really thin and I had massive VNL with it. I'm pretty sure these are not big 3 free, they sure didn't smell like it anyway. Not going to go into too much detail about the colors, I think the pictures do the talking. My favorites of the bunch are Misty Grey, Slate Green and Top Turquoise. I could do without Peacock Green and Grass Green. Sorry for the weird hand placement in these, I can never find a comfy way to hold these round bottles so my fingers look a little weird in some of these.

Peacock Green- 2 coats



Purple Grey- 1 coat

Red Red Wine- 2 coats

Green Grass- 2 coats

Slate Green- 2 coats

Top Turquoise- 2 coats

Misty Grey- 2 coats


  1. I like your color choices. My Grass Green was watery too. But I managed three coats with no VNL.

  2. What gorgeous colours! Slate green is just so pretty =D I think I know what I'll be doing next time they have another 50% off sale...

  3. Red red wine and Green grass look good :)

  4. I need to get Purple Grey so I can make my own Paradoxal, I wish I had extra spending money while they were having the sale.

  5. These are all great colors! Makes me want to go shop!

  6. wow!
    all the colours are great!
    love green!

  7. Ohh wow, what a pretty colors!

    xx Ilja

  8. ooh! you got all the ones i like! i only have 3, grass green, slate green, and betty blue. you will love betty blue.

  9. Thank you so much for the swatches, turqoise looks gorgeous!! :)


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