September 14, 2010

Space Debris- Franken

Hey guys, later post than usual! I did my nails late last night and wanted to get a good sun picture of this polish so I had to wait till my lunch break today at work. This is another franken I did....I'm kind of on a holo & flakie franken kick at the moment lol. I love the way flakies look over black polish so I wanted to mix them together and see how it would turn out. I kinda like it, it's not as fantastical as I had hoped for but the flakies kinda look like embers that blew off a camp fire and that's pretty much awesome so I consider this franken a success.  I have dubbed it Space reminds me of space so that's the name it gets!

Funny enough, out of all the probably 30 pictures I took of this franken the one that turned out the best was of the quick swatch I did before leaving my house on Monday morning to go to work... excuse the messy application on that picture :) The other 2 pictures do no justice to how the franken looks in person, this one did not want to photograph as well as I would have liked it to, I really hate when that happens.

Edited to add the recipe, can't believe I forgot that :p: It's about 1/2 Jade- Black Knight (but any black would work), 1/4 Clear Polish, a splash of Petites- Black Diamond  and 1/4 Nubar- 2010!

also a little poll for you guys- Which watermark do you like best on the below pictures? The one on the first picture or the one on the last 2 pictures? I'm thinking about switching to the first one but I can't decide!

This1 coat of Space Debris over Illamasqua- Nudge (because I was too lazy to take it off lol)

Cell Phone




  1. Great franken. Looks awesome.What's your recipe?

  2. just added it in there, didn't realize I had forgotten it :) Thanks for asking!

  3. i like the franken and the watermark is cool too.

  4. Love it!! I like the name, too. Very appropriate.

  5. That's really pretty :)
    I loved the name!

  6. i like both of your watermarks! the second is easier to read.

  7. Love the franken. It's your blog use which ever watermark you like best.

  8. That looks really good! I've "attempted" to create a black with glitter franken, but the first time I did it, the black overtook the glitters and it didn't / barely showed up at all :(

  9. Thanks everyone!

    @necessarynails- I hear ya, i have a bunch of franken fails of trying to put glitter into black. That's why I added in the clear this time, I was hoping it would turn the black into more of a jelly finish so the glitter could come through. It seems to have worked a little!

  10. Hi Jen! I have some questions..
    how many days you keep a nail polish on your nails?
    can you show us how you storage your collection?
    do you buy all the nail polishes on your own or are they sposored?
    I guess yoy have 50+ polishes! Great collection!
    Greetings from Greece! <3

  11. Hi Stella,

    I usually keep my polish on for a full day, or sometimes I swatch during the weekend so then it's only on for about a half hour.

    The only time I post something that I did not buy or swap for there is a disclaimer at the end of the post. I did a post a couple of months ago about how my stash is organized, you can check it out here:


  12. Hi! I love the franken, it's gorgeous on you! I don't really like blacks myself, they stain really bad. I prefer the first watermark, it gives a clear view of your nails, I guess it'd look good only if you position the watermark each time on some part of the photo and doesn't cover your nails.

  13. I like the first watermark hun... more visually appealing.

    Love this franken. Perfect name for it.

  14. I'm speechless for your amount! The fact that you paint your nails everyday means that you like it a lot and make fun of it, I guess you're patient too..
    Thanks for answering, you are so kind!!!

  15. Very pretty! You should totally compare this to your Space Debris franken. I think you were on to something there! 

  16. The first watermark is my pick :O)


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