October 31, 2010

NYX- Robotic

Happy Halloween!! Hope everyone has a safe and fun night! This is what I'll be wearing tonight! This is NYX Girls- Robotic, at least I think it's called Robotic the label is pretty much impossible to read. I got this at the swap meet a month or so ago and have been waiting for a good time to wear it. Robotic is a black base with bright blue glitter mixed in . It's pretty fantastic!

This is 2 coats of NYX- Robotic

October 29, 2010

CND: Spring 2011 preview + Nail Trends

Better Than Bare: Manicures Lighten Up For Spring 2011
CND Introduces Spring’s Limited Edition Colour & Effect

October 2010 – “Ethereal, femme manicures in opaque porcelain, shimmery finishes, dark blues, grays and reds will be the ‘it’ looks this spring,” says CND Co-founder and Style Director Jan Arnold.   

Chic, floral bohemian fabrics are accentuated by clean, gorgeous and modern nails – the new neutral for Spring is better than natural.  To get a peachy-perfect manicure, try CND’s limited edition Perfectly Bare Colour, a porcelain crème, or layer it with limited edition Perfectly Bare Shimmer Effect for a kiss of texture.  To achieve Behnaz Sarafpour’s “Halo Manicure,” try Perfectly Bare Colour with Silver Chrome Colour edged along the perimeter for a heavenly finish.  At Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs, flawlessly fresh manicures were created by mixing Perfectly Bare Colour with Super Matte Top Coat for a warm, satin matte finish. 

Graphic brights, intricate beading and vibrant colors in lightweight gossamer fabrics are the perfect match for multidimensional effects.  Shimmer steals the spotlight this season as Effects provide a manicure makeover with tone and dimension in pops of reflective color in copper, scarlet, or gold.  For a gorgeous glimmer, try Scarlett Shimmer Effect as seen at Carolina Herrera, or layer Perfectly Bare Shimmer Effect over Putty Colour like the luminescent manicures at Monique Lhuillier.  To get 3.1 Phillip Lim‘s “City Slick” nails, top Asphalt Colour with Copper Shimmer Effect for an elegant, deep-bronze manicure with attitude, or mix a custom blend of Colours in Silver Chrome, Putty, and Ice Blue Shimmer Effect for the washed-out chrome look seen at Gottex.  For a truly decadent look, embellish your Effect manicure with nail jewelry fit for a duchess, like the “Cocktail Nails” seen at Diego Binetti.  

Turn your back on black and say hello to rich tonal shades of blue, oxblood red and berry.  Pair with global prints, 70’s-inspired silhouettes, or textured evening gowns in lavish silk.  For luscious nails like the pedicures at Marc Jacobs, try berry-hued Bloodline Colour, or grab CND’s Jason Wu Collection (available in May 2011) for the blue-based red Veronica Colour, seen on the runway at Jason Wu.  For Ruffian’s “Monogram Moon Manicure,” use the following Colours – one layer of Putty layered with Washed Down White and trimmed in Blackjack for a new spin on classic 40’s manicures.  To achieve “Van Gogh-blue” nails seen at L.A.M.B., mix half a bottle of Speedey Top Coat with equal parts of Colours in Inkwell, Anchor Blue and Brilliant White.
NEW The Look: Spring 2010 box set of Perfectly Bare Colour and Perfectly Bare Shimmer Effect is $20, available while supplies last starting in March 2011 at select salons and professional beauty stores.  

Colour & Effects are available in professional beauty stores, salons and spas nationwide.  Suggested retail price for Colour is $9, Effects are $11, and Base and Top Coats are $8.50.  For additional information, please visit CND.com.

So what do you guys think? I'm excited to see the Perfectly Bare combo, it looks so gorgeous. I'm becoming a big Nude polish fan girl all of a sudden!

Illamasqua- Fern

Happy Friday!!  Anyone have big plans for this weekend since it's  Halloween here in the states? I'm still deciding how I want to do my nails for Halloween, I was thinking Candy Corn but we'll see how lazy I am come Sunday lol. Going to the movies tonight too woohoo, it's a been a long while since I've been to the movies, I think the last time was to see Toy Story 3. My Grandma wants to see Red, I have no idea what that is so here's to hoping it's good!

Today I have for you Illamasqua- Fern! Long time lemming of mine, for some odd reason the Sephora near me that carries Illamasqua polish in the store never has this shade, so when the F&F sale rolled around this year I made sure to snatch this one up. Fern is not fern colored at all....it's a shimmery bright blue, why it's named fern makes no sense to me. The formula was great, are we surprised about that though? I'm not lol.

This is 2 coats of Illamasqua- Fern

October 28, 2010

FingerPaints Winter Dreams Holiday 2010 Swatches

Morning everyone! Today I have for you the swatches of FingerPaints Winter Dreams Holiday Collection for this year, the collection consists of 6 polishes and they are all gorgeous! These will be available in November at Sally Beauty and SallyBeauty.com and they retail for $4.99.

First up is Holly Good Times, my favorite of this bunch. This screams holiday to me, it's a glitter bomb  like whoa. Gold and Red glitter are the stars of this polish, I thought from the PR images that this one was going to be awesome so I'm glad I wasn't let down! The formula was a little thick but it was very easy to manage, the coverage was really great also. I used 3 coats for the swatch below but I think 2 would work too, I just wanted more glitter lol


Merry Mittens is a red base with gold glitter, I liked this one more in the bottle than on the nail because the glitter didn't come through as much as I thought it might. I'm still loving it though, even though the glitter wasn't super noticeable you could still see it and it makes this polish a little unique! The formula was great on this one! This is 2 coats

Macro in the Shade

Just Plum Fun is a gorgeous glow from within dark purple. I'm really loving that a lot of companies are including a shade like this in their collections this year. Out of all the winter/holiday collections that have featured this kind of shade this is my favorite, because it actually looks purple instead of black! This is 2 coats

Mistletoe Mischief  ahh this one is fab, a green jelly with glitter. My picture sadly does this no justice. I tried and tried to get a good picture of this, this one below is actually from my 3rd time swatching this polish and I'm still not loving the outcome :( Take my word for it when I say this one is awesome, if you are like me and love green this is a must have. This is 3 coats

Mulberry Madness a raspberry base with similarly colored glitter and silver glitter. This one reminds me a lot of Lippmann- Razzle Dazzle but it's a tad bit different because of the addition of the silver glitter. It dried a little matte, so a top coat is a good idea. It also ate topcoat like no other, I think it's so weird when glitter polishes do that...like where does the top coat go?!? It's like a sponge. Anyway lol, this is 2 coats

Macro in the shade

Winter Wishes hmm, how to describe this one. I thought it was more silver or white from the PR image but it turns out it's a great silver/gold. I don't think I have anything like this is my collection. It kinda reminds me of champagne bubbles, is that weird? haha! The formula was like Holly Good Times, a little thick but easy to manage. This is 2 coats

So what do you guys think of this collection? My favorites are Holly Good Times and Mistletoe Mischief!

Disclosure: The product in this post was provided to me by the PR company or the manufacturer for review. Please see my Disclosure page for more information.

October 27, 2010

Chanel- Khaki Vert

Gooood Morning! I'm excited about this polish today, it was one I didn't think I would ever own...Chanel- Khaki Vert! Out of the three Khaki colors Chanel released not too long ago this one that only one that I wanted but the price tag hurt a little too much so I decided I'd just have to live without it. Then guess what....I won a bottle! Karen from Frazzle and Aniploish had a very generous giveaway a few weeks ago and my lucky mojo must have been working overtime because I was the incredibly lucky winner of this great polish! 

Khaki Vert is a kind of a murky muted green...my favorite lol! Even my Grandma liked this color! The formula was great, almost got away with 1 coat but I ended up using 2. I've heard some people talk about Chanel chipping really fast on them, but that seems to not be the case with me. I had this one for 2 or 3 days last week and had no chips at all!

This is 2 coats of Chanel- Khaki Vert and 1 coat of China Glaze Fast Forward

October 26, 2010

Sally Hansen- Purple Diamond

Good morning everyone! Hope you all had a good Monday night, did anyone else watch Dancing With The Stars? I never watched that show until I started staying with my Grandma a few weeks ago but man, it is so frustrating. It seems SO fixed, like their favorites no matter if they screw up or dance horribly get good scores but the others who dance better but aren't favorites get screwed. I don't know how I got so invested in that stupid show but I was getting angry at the TV last night, it was not pretty lol!

Today I have for you Sally Hansen- Purple Diamond! Why Sally Hansen stopped making these is beyond me, talk about a great holo polish. I have heard over on MUA and other blogs that these polishes are popping up at a store called Dollar Tree. I went and checked one by me and found a couple, woohoo! Usually when I see people talking about awesome stuff at DT I go to mine and find nothing, but not this time! This polish today was not one from Dollar Tree though, I purchased it a while back on ebay. Purple Diamond is a light purple holo, a little sheer but it builds up to being amazing!

This is 3 coats of Sally Hansen Purple Diamond

October 25, 2010

My Favorites from China Glaze Holiday 2010!

Hey guys, hope you all had a good weekend mine was meh...okay. I was up most of last night, couldn't sleep...my brain wouldn't turn off. I really hate when that happens! Anyway...I'm sure you've seen a million swatches of these already so instead of showing you all 16 from the collection these are my favorite 6! As a whole I really love the collection so it was hard to only pick the 6 I love the most.

Frosty, a white shimmery polish. Not one that I usually would like...but man, I am LOVING this one! It kinda of makes me want to dress up as an Ice Queen for Halloween so I have a reason to wear it lol. It also went on really nicely, opaque in 2 coats!

Little Drummer Boy, a dark blue shimmer. I knew this would be one of my favorites since China Glaze posted twitpics of the shades a while back. It did not disappoint once I actually got it! This is 2 coats.

Mistletoe Kisses, is awesome. It's a green jelly base packed with green and silver glitter. Haven't really seen anything quite like this before! This is 2 coats

Mrs. Claus, the cousin to Mistletoe Kisses! A light reddish jelly base with red and silver glitter. This one went on a little more sheer than Mistletoe Kisses for me, the glitter wasn't quite as dense. Still opaque at 2 coats though!

Peace On Earth, a olive green and gold shimmery polish. I love greens and this one did not disappoint. I am so glad China Glaze threw a kinda weird color like this into the collection! This is 2 coats

Sugar Plums, a maroon base sprinkled with holographic glitter. Looks a bit like China Glaze- Crystal Ball which Jess from Polish Insomniac was so nice to have sent me a few weeks back, look for a comparison soon! This is 2 coats.

October 24, 2010

Barielle Swatches Pt. 3

Good Morning everyone, hope your weekend has been good. The weather finally turned around here and the sun started peeking out again YAY!

Today I have the 3rd and final part of the core Barielle polishes that are now available at Ulta. Barielle retails for $6 at Ulta and for the month of October it's on a Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale!

First up is Decadence, a bright and sparkly aqua. I loved this one! The formula was great, 2 coats for full opacity!

Flirtini is a wine colored red, not usually my type of color but I ended up really loving it! This is 3 coats

This is Lust, a dark red jelly. Forgive the dark spots in this picture, it's not the polish it's my stained nails lol. I wish I could get them off...I've tried every kind of thing I can try but they are stubborn stains! This is 3 coats of Lust.

Misbehaving Mistress, a dark brownish gray metallic polish. My Grandma and I both got a kick out of the name of this polish! This will be a great winter color, I think I will be wearing it a lot! This is 2 coats.

Last up is Out-Grey-Geous, a silvery gray base with gold glitter sprinkled in. I really loved this in the bottle, unfortunately that love didn't translate on the nail for me. The formula was a bit sheer, I used 3 coats and still had some VNL. I bet this would look better layered over something! This is 3 coats



Disclosure: The product in this post was provided to me by the PR company or the manufacturer for review. Please see my Disclosure page for more information.

October 22, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

...every where I go.lalala I should have started singing that when I walked into Rite Aid yesterday and found a whole aisle in the cosmetics section with all sorts of Christmas goodies lining the shelves. Not that I'm complaining but it's not even Halloween yet! I looked around and guess what I found...snowman polishes! I saw on Nouveau Cheap a little while ago that these cute little suckers had been spotted on shelves so I started stalking the 3 Rite Aid's near me for them. I was so excited that they put them out yesterday, I snatched up 6 of them! The colors aren't terribly unique but who the heck cares, the bottle is too cute to pass up. I was temped to buy all of them but I left a couple colors behind that I knew I would near wear. Here is my little army of cute, not totally color accurate :)

When I got home and lined all of the snowman up and picked out one to use. Since the sun has been playing hide and seek for the last week I decided on the only one without glitter. This snowman is a gorgeous bright purple...nothing I don't already have though.My only negative with these polishes is that it is no easy task trying to use the brush. The brim part of the snowman hat made it difficult to hold the brush comfortably and hard to polish  my nails. The formula was okay, pretty streaky at first...but I think that might be because of the difficulty I was having with the brush. I used 3 coats for full opacity. Please ignore the weirdness going on with my skin in this picture, the polish keet looking more blue toned than it is really is in my pictures, so I fiddled with the picture in Gimp until it was the right color.

October 21, 2010

NOTD: Barielle- Ectasy & China Glaze- Party Hearty

Hi everyone! I was very excited I opened a mystery box and found in it the entire China Glaze Holiday Collection that I recently won in a giveaway Mary at Body and Soul had. I'm still kind of in shock that I won, talk about an awesome prize! I didn't have much time at lunch to do my nails so I slapped China Glaze- Party Hearty over the Barielle- Ectasy polish I am still wearing. Party Hearty is one I'm sure you've seen a lot of in the past few days...and man it's awesome! I mean, hello, check out the macro shot below! This looks like something Deborah Lippmann would make with all that amazing hex glitter. I can't wait to try out the rest of the Holiday Collection from China Glaze, a big THANK YOU to Mary for hosting such an awesome giveaway!
This is 1 coat of China Glaze- Party Hearty over Barielle- Ectasy

October 20, 2010

Barielle Swatches pt. 2

Hey guys, hope you're all having a good Wednesday so far! I have for you guys today the 2nd part of the Barielle polishes that are now available at Ulta.  Barielle retails for the exclusive price of $6 at Ulta and for the month of October it's on a Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale! I got a new Ott-Lite the other day so most of these pictures are taken using that, still trying to figure out how to not have glare from the bulb on my nail :)

First up, personal favorite of mine...Berry Blue! This one is a really dark Navy, kinda like Nars- Midnight Express.  It did have a tendency to look a little black indoors. Good news for this one, it didn't stain my nails...unlike Midnight Express which did. The formula was great, I used 2 coats for full opacity!

Lamp Light


Belly Dance is a brownish nude with a subtle silver shimmer. This is one I would probably wear if I had to go to an important meeting at work, it's a nice neutral with a touch of something special!

Ectasy is a bright red, and I love it! You can see VNL with this one, but it's not as noticeable in person as it is in my pictures. Usually I have VNL but it doesn't bother me with this polish. This is 3 coats.

Coco Bar, looks like well, a chocolate bar melted onto your nails. They named this one well lol. Out of all the shades at Ulta this is one of the 2 that I already owned. I love a good brown, and luckily Barielle makes a bunch of awesome ones! For some reason I hadn't swatched this one before! This is 2 coats

Pink Sherbert, this one is fab. It's a gorgeous neutral base, kind of a light peachy pink that has a coppery bronze shimmer running through it. My picture does this absolutely no justice to how stunning it is in real life. The shimmer, though it looks very very subtle in my picture was pretty noticeable in person. I'm not a "nude" color kind of girl, but if they all looked like this I sure would be! I used 3 coats since my nails are stained a lovely shade of smurf blue...so if yours aren't stained 2 coats should be fine.

Last for today, U Concrete Me. This is the other shade I already owned. I still like it! U Concrete Me is like the perfect grey! The formula was great, this one just glided on effortlessly! This is 2 coats.

FingerPaints Winter Dreams Holiday 2010 Collection

Good Morning guys, just got a press release from FingerPaints about their Winter Dreams Holiday Collection. These look gorgeous! I cannot wait to see them in person! The Winter Dreams collection will be available in Sally Beauty retail locations and online starting in November, these retail for $4.99 each.

The colors are:

Mulberry Madness
Holly Good Time
Mistletoe Mischief
Winter Wishes
Just Plum Fun
Merry Mitens

This image is clickable, and it's totally worth looking at!

(images courtesy of Sally Beauty PR)

October 19, 2010

FrightNight Claw Polish- Toxic

Hey guys! Today I have for you another one of the FrightNight Claw Polishes in the cute coffin bottles for Halloween. This one is called Toxic, it's a great metallic green. It's not terribly original but I don't actually have a lot of polishes like this one in my stash, I'm not usually a fan of metallics. The formula was better than I expected, it went on a little brush stroke-y but it wasn't too noticeable in person. The most color accurate fingers in the picture below are the middle & ring finger...some weird shadow thing was happening on the other two :(

This is 2 coats of FrightNight Claw Polish- Toxic and 1 coat of China Glaze Fast Forward

October 18, 2010

Barielle Swatches pt. 1

Hey guys, did you know that Barielle is launching at Ulta? In addition to carrying their new Fall & Winter Collections they are also carrying 16 of their core colors! I've seen these already at 2 of the Ulta's near me, the are in the same area as OPI, China Glaze & Orly. Today I have for you the first 5 of 16 shades they will be carrying. Barielle retails for $6 at Ulta ($2 cheaper than Barielle.com!) and for the month of October it's on a Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale...so if you like these now would be the time to go get them! I'll try to get the rest of the shades Ulta is offering up this week but the weather forecast says rain till Thursday so we'll see!

First up is Sailors Delight, a great light pink. It looked like candy on my nails! The formula was good for a color like this, a bit streaky but it settled nicely! This is 2 coats.

Slate of Affairs, this one you have probably seen before. It's a beautiful royal blue with an amazing hidden shimmer. You can't really see the shimmer too heavily in my pictures since the sun hasn't been cooperating with me for a last few days. :( If you click the picture and look at it big you can see it though! This is 2 coats

Euphoric, this one had some issues...not with the polish but with the picture taking. I tried every light and it's not coming out 100% color accurate. So imagine this a little more orange-y. Euphoric is an Orangey Red that leans heavily to orange. Not normally my type of color but once I got it on I really liked it with my skin tone. Unfortunately for me my Grandma loved this one too so not sure it will ever grace my fingertips again lol. The formula on this one was a little thin, I used 3 coats for full opacity

Expressive is a creamy light lilac polish. It gives me the same kind of warm fuzzies that I got from Sailors Delight, the formula was also very similar. A bit streaky but it settled and looks perfect! This is 2 coats

Grape Escape, a purple creme. Not unique really, but pretty gorgeous. Looks like it's probably a close dupe to OPI- Funky Dunky and China Glaze- Grape Pop. The formula on this one was fantastic, my favorite of this bunch. I only needed 1 perfect coat for full opacity!

Disclosure: The product in this post was provided to me by the PR company or the manufacturer for review. Please see my Disclosure page for more information.

October 17, 2010

Catrice- Sold Out Forever

Good Morning, happy Sunday! The concert last night was pretty fantastic, Say Anything was awesome. I think they are better every time I see them live, if that is even possible. They are easily one of my favorite live bands! We didn't stay for Motion City Soundtrack due to it being really ridiculously hot in the venue, but I just saw them in February so it's okay. On the long walk back to the parking lot we spotted a cupcake kiosk in Downtown Disney so I treated myself to a sugary bit of yumminess mmm.

Today I have Catrice- Sold Out Forever for you, I swatched this a couple weeks ago then my life got so crazy that I forgot to post it. Suzanne from DeltaCephei sent this to me as part of a swap we did a little bit ago. It's supposedly a dupe of Chanel- Jade but since I don't own that one I can't compare. I can say it's gorgeous! I think this was 2 coats, maybe 3..I can't remember (I suck, sorry)

October 16, 2010

Barielle Winter 2010- Holiday Hustle

Hey guys, hope you are all having a good day. I'm about to leave to go to a concert! Going to go see Valencia, Saves The Day, Say Anything and Motion City Soundtrack in Anaheim tonight. Should be a great show, it's pretty rare that I like all 4 bands at one concert! If you've never heard of those bands you should check them out...especially Say Anything, they are one of my favorites!

Today I have Barielle's Winter collection called Holiday Hustle. This collection has one polish in it that has easily moved into one of my all time favorite polishes list. The formula was great on these, 5/6 where 2 coaters. When I got them I thought a few were going to be very frosty, but it ended up not really being the case...at least I don't think so. These are all 2 coats unless otherwise noted.

First up, Elle's Spell. This is the one that easily is one of my favorite polishes. I've tried to franken things that look like this! Elle's Spell is a gorgeous Red Jelly packed with flakies! It is SO gorgeous, seriously this is the one polish in this collection I couldn't wait to put on! This was the only polish that required more than 2 coats, I used 3 for full opacity.

Macro :)

Coalest Day Of The Year is a great Charcoal Black. I'm loving this one, I'm a sucker for shades like this though! It could be a careful one coater if you apply your polish on the thick side

Jess' Champagne Toast is a metallic lavender packed with pink microglitter. This one looked AMAZING in the bottle, but on the nail I don't love it as much as I thought I would. The glitter gets a little lost, the base overpowers it. I still like it though, and I don't have anything like this in my collection. It's one of the reasons I really like Barielle, they are always making unique polishes and finishes!

Gelt Me To The Party is a really pretty Gold. I don't have too much like this polish because gold usually looks awful on me. This one is an exception to that, I think it might be because it's more of a blackened gold that it works with my skin tone. I like that inside this almost looked olive green, I was trying to show it to my Grandma after I tried it on and she thought it was a green lol

Snow Day is an Icy Blue Metallic. I thought this would be a frosty nightmare, but nope happy to report it wasn't!  There are some brushstrokes but once it dried they weren't noticeable. Sometimes colors like this can be a pain to apply but this one went on really nicely! Kind of reminds me of Zoya- Crystal minus the gold glitter.

Last but not least, Wrap Me In Ribbon, a medum pinkish muave metallic polish. I really thought I would hate this one...but it ended up being one of my favorites, go figure. It was the first one I put on and I was sad to take it off to swatch the rest of the polishes. This one also had a little bit of a brush stroke problem but like Snow Day once the polish dried it wasn't noticeable at all.

The Holiday Hustle collection will be available at Ulta and Barielle.com . I haven't seen the display at Ulta yet, but I'm guessing it will be out very soon! Elle's Spell is definitely a must have if you like flakies!

Disclosure: The product in this post was provided to me by the PR company or the manufacturer for review. Please see my Disclosure page for more information.

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