October 20, 2010

Barielle Swatches pt. 2

Hey guys, hope you're all having a good Wednesday so far! I have for you guys today the 2nd part of the Barielle polishes that are now available at Ulta.  Barielle retails for the exclusive price of $6 at Ulta and for the month of October it's on a Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale! I got a new Ott-Lite the other day so most of these pictures are taken using that, still trying to figure out how to not have glare from the bulb on my nail :)

First up, personal favorite of mine...Berry Blue! This one is a really dark Navy, kinda like Nars- Midnight Express.  It did have a tendency to look a little black indoors. Good news for this one, it didn't stain my nails...unlike Midnight Express which did. The formula was great, I used 2 coats for full opacity!

Lamp Light


Belly Dance is a brownish nude with a subtle silver shimmer. This is one I would probably wear if I had to go to an important meeting at work, it's a nice neutral with a touch of something special!

Ectasy is a bright red, and I love it! You can see VNL with this one, but it's not as noticeable in person as it is in my pictures. Usually I have VNL but it doesn't bother me with this polish. This is 3 coats.

Coco Bar, looks like well, a chocolate bar melted onto your nails. They named this one well lol. Out of all the shades at Ulta this is one of the 2 that I already owned. I love a good brown, and luckily Barielle makes a bunch of awesome ones! For some reason I hadn't swatched this one before! This is 2 coats

Pink Sherbert, this one is fab. It's a gorgeous neutral base, kind of a light peachy pink that has a coppery bronze shimmer running through it. My picture does this absolutely no justice to how stunning it is in real life. The shimmer, though it looks very very subtle in my picture was pretty noticeable in person. I'm not a "nude" color kind of girl, but if they all looked like this I sure would be! I used 3 coats since my nails are stained a lovely shade of smurf blue...so if yours aren't stained 2 coats should be fine.

Last for today, U Concrete Me. This is the other shade I already owned. I still like it! U Concrete Me is like the perfect grey! The formula was great, this one just glided on effortlessly! This is 2 coats.


  1. Oh, my! The blue, red and grey... *drool* Why, oh why can't there be an Ulta here? I hate living in Smallish Large Town USA.

  2. i was so psyched to see these at ulta, i felt ulta really needed the change in its lineup!

  3. I love Lamp Light! Love navy blue polish.

  4. I love the last three polishes the best, really pretty swatches!

  5. I really love all these polishes, esp Berry Blue, Pink Sherbert, and U Concrete Me. Is Berry Blue a jelly or a creme??

  6. I like all of them, but the dark blue is my favorite!! :)

  7. @Varnish Vixen- Berry Blue is a creme!

  8. the blue is awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  9. @Lucy

    The blue is called "Berry Blue", not "Lamp Light"! LOL :) She was USING lamp light to take the photo.


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