October 16, 2010

Barielle Winter 2010- Holiday Hustle

Hey guys, hope you are all having a good day. I'm about to leave to go to a concert! Going to go see Valencia, Saves The Day, Say Anything and Motion City Soundtrack in Anaheim tonight. Should be a great show, it's pretty rare that I like all 4 bands at one concert! If you've never heard of those bands you should check them out...especially Say Anything, they are one of my favorites!

Today I have Barielle's Winter collection called Holiday Hustle. This collection has one polish in it that has easily moved into one of my all time favorite polishes list. The formula was great on these, 5/6 where 2 coaters. When I got them I thought a few were going to be very frosty, but it ended up not really being the case...at least I don't think so. These are all 2 coats unless otherwise noted.

First up, Elle's Spell. This is the one that easily is one of my favorite polishes. I've tried to franken things that look like this! Elle's Spell is a gorgeous Red Jelly packed with flakies! It is SO gorgeous, seriously this is the one polish in this collection I couldn't wait to put on! This was the only polish that required more than 2 coats, I used 3 for full opacity.

Macro :)

Coalest Day Of The Year is a great Charcoal Black. I'm loving this one, I'm a sucker for shades like this though! It could be a careful one coater if you apply your polish on the thick side

Jess' Champagne Toast is a metallic lavender packed with pink microglitter. This one looked AMAZING in the bottle, but on the nail I don't love it as much as I thought I would. The glitter gets a little lost, the base overpowers it. I still like it though, and I don't have anything like this in my collection. It's one of the reasons I really like Barielle, they are always making unique polishes and finishes!

Gelt Me To The Party is a really pretty Gold. I don't have too much like this polish because gold usually looks awful on me. This one is an exception to that, I think it might be because it's more of a blackened gold that it works with my skin tone. I like that inside this almost looked olive green, I was trying to show it to my Grandma after I tried it on and she thought it was a green lol

Snow Day is an Icy Blue Metallic. I thought this would be a frosty nightmare, but nope happy to report it wasn't!  There are some brushstrokes but once it dried they weren't noticeable. Sometimes colors like this can be a pain to apply but this one went on really nicely! Kind of reminds me of Zoya- Crystal minus the gold glitter.

Last but not least, Wrap Me In Ribbon, a medum pinkish muave metallic polish. I really thought I would hate this one...but it ended up being one of my favorites, go figure. It was the first one I put on and I was sad to take it off to swatch the rest of the polishes. This one also had a little bit of a brush stroke problem but like Snow Day once the polish dried it wasn't noticeable at all.

The Holiday Hustle collection will be available at Ulta and Barielle.com . I haven't seen the display at Ulta yet, but I'm guessing it will be out very soon! Elle's Spell is definitely a must have if you like flakies!

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  1. Ummmm I love Elle's Spell!! It looks like jello with fire in it. LOL.

    Thanks for the great swatches!

  2. OMG, Elle's spell is DIVINE! It exactly like Nfu-Oh 45 which I'm lemming. How does Barielle compare to Nfu-Oh price?

  3. I love Elle's Spell! Of course, I love pretty much anything with flakies. :)

  4. OMG I need Elle's Spell! :D Its so so so pretty!

  5. I really like Elle's Spell, Coalest Day Of The Year and Get Me To The Party!

  6. i <3 Motion City Soundtrack! :)

  7. Say Anything is one of my favorite bands! Have fun!

    Elle's Spell is beyond gorgeous. My fave!

  8. Elle's Spell is my favourite! I don't normally like reds but this one is just gorgeous.

  9. Beautiful colors!
    I especially like the first one :X

  10. Elle's Spell is definitely coming home with me! Thanks for sharing... :)

  11. Nice!! all of them.
    but Jess' Champagne is my favorite!

  12. Elle's spell, OMG FLAKIE LOVE!
    That is so stunning! WE NEED MORE FLAKIES.

  13. Glad you guys all like these!

    Carli- Barielle is about $5 cheaper and a heck of a lot more accessible now that you can buy it at Ulta!

  14. I love Elle's Spell the best, so pretty! I looooove flakies! Oh and I tried some of the Claire's laquers you sent me, they're so pretty pretty pretty! I'll put up swatches if I can!

  15. Elle´s spell is awesome!!! And I don´t even like red nail polish at all. I wish I would have known this looks like Nfu Oh 45, since I just placed an order at Viis.ee
    Barielle is not available here in the Netherlands, so I won´t get this... but will put Nfu Oh 45 on my wishlist :D

  16. Wow!! Much awesomeness!!!!

    I love the first three!!!

  17. So happy to see these swatches! I definitely hope my Ulta gets this collex so I can see Elle's Spell!

  18. OMG Elle's Spell is gorgeous! I must get my hands on it.


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