October 17, 2010

Catrice- Sold Out Forever

Good Morning, happy Sunday! The concert last night was pretty fantastic, Say Anything was awesome. I think they are better every time I see them live, if that is even possible. They are easily one of my favorite live bands! We didn't stay for Motion City Soundtrack due to it being really ridiculously hot in the venue, but I just saw them in February so it's okay. On the long walk back to the parking lot we spotted a cupcake kiosk in Downtown Disney so I treated myself to a sugary bit of yumminess mmm.

Today I have Catrice- Sold Out Forever for you, I swatched this a couple weeks ago then my life got so crazy that I forgot to post it. Suzanne from DeltaCephei sent this to me as part of a swap we did a little bit ago. It's supposedly a dupe of Chanel- Jade but since I don't own that one I can't compare. I can say it's gorgeous! I think this was 2 coats, maybe 3..I can't remember (I suck, sorry)


  1. I have this one too and I must say it's amazing! A true mint. The shimmer is gorgeous in this one as well!

  2. very pretty-odk about the chanel but but are truly sold out forever! htf any where

  3. love this Catrice polish, it took me a while to get it ;-) It was realy sold out for a long time!

    x Ilja

  4. Love this minty beauty. Glad you had a fantastic time. Nothing like live music!

  5. I have this one too and it's one of my favourite shades as well :) Such a gorgeous mint! I've seen a swatch comparison of SOF and Jade and I think it's a pretty darn close match!

  6. Beautiful color on you. Beautiful color in general but it looks great with your skin tone.

  7. So pretty. Kind of like a seafoam green kind of shade. :-)


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