October 28, 2010

FingerPaints Winter Dreams Holiday 2010 Swatches

Morning everyone! Today I have for you the swatches of FingerPaints Winter Dreams Holiday Collection for this year, the collection consists of 6 polishes and they are all gorgeous! These will be available in November at Sally Beauty and SallyBeauty.com and they retail for $4.99.

First up is Holly Good Times, my favorite of this bunch. This screams holiday to me, it's a glitter bomb  like whoa. Gold and Red glitter are the stars of this polish, I thought from the PR images that this one was going to be awesome so I'm glad I wasn't let down! The formula was a little thick but it was very easy to manage, the coverage was really great also. I used 3 coats for the swatch below but I think 2 would work too, I just wanted more glitter lol


Merry Mittens is a red base with gold glitter, I liked this one more in the bottle than on the nail because the glitter didn't come through as much as I thought it might. I'm still loving it though, even though the glitter wasn't super noticeable you could still see it and it makes this polish a little unique! The formula was great on this one! This is 2 coats

Macro in the Shade

Just Plum Fun is a gorgeous glow from within dark purple. I'm really loving that a lot of companies are including a shade like this in their collections this year. Out of all the winter/holiday collections that have featured this kind of shade this is my favorite, because it actually looks purple instead of black! This is 2 coats

Mistletoe Mischief  ahh this one is fab, a green jelly with glitter. My picture sadly does this no justice. I tried and tried to get a good picture of this, this one below is actually from my 3rd time swatching this polish and I'm still not loving the outcome :( Take my word for it when I say this one is awesome, if you are like me and love green this is a must have. This is 3 coats

Mulberry Madness a raspberry base with similarly colored glitter and silver glitter. This one reminds me a lot of Lippmann- Razzle Dazzle but it's a tad bit different because of the addition of the silver glitter. It dried a little matte, so a top coat is a good idea. It also ate topcoat like no other, I think it's so weird when glitter polishes do that...like where does the top coat go?!? It's like a sponge. Anyway lol, this is 2 coats

Macro in the shade

Winter Wishes hmm, how to describe this one. I thought it was more silver or white from the PR image but it turns out it's a great silver/gold. I don't think I have anything like this is my collection. It kinda reminds me of champagne bubbles, is that weird? haha! The formula was like Holly Good Times, a little thick but easy to manage. This is 2 coats

So what do you guys think of this collection? My favorites are Holly Good Times and Mistletoe Mischief!

Disclosure: The product in this post was provided to me by the PR company or the manufacturer for review. Please see my Disclosure page for more information.


  1. I absolutely love the first and very last two. They are so beautiful.

  2. I am absolutely loving Just Plum Fun and Mistletoe Mischief. ;)

  3. Champagne, that's the color, yes!! My Sally's had just put these out as I got there. I got mine and ran home with them. I can't wait to try them especially now that you showed me how hot they are.

  4. Mistletoe Mischief looks like a must have to me.

  5. Oh, wow! These are nice!!!
    I love the green and that glitter!!!
    Hope I can get this online, my Sally's is so far away and is always a hit or miss with collections.
    Thanks for the lemming, miss! :D


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