October 19, 2010

FrightNight Claw Polish- Toxic

Hey guys! Today I have for you another one of the FrightNight Claw Polishes in the cute coffin bottles for Halloween. This one is called Toxic, it's a great metallic green. It's not terribly original but I don't actually have a lot of polishes like this one in my stash, I'm not usually a fan of metallics. The formula was better than I expected, it went on a little brush stroke-y but it wasn't too noticeable in person. The most color accurate fingers in the picture below are the middle & ring finger...some weird shadow thing was happening on the other two :(

This is 2 coats of FrightNight Claw Polish- Toxic and 1 coat of China Glaze Fast Forward


  1. This looks like a great green!

  2. Usually i don't like so much green colors but this one looks pretty on your nails.

  3. Such a pretty green!
    Oh and I just had a question, where did you find the name of the polish? I've been searching forever for the name of the blue metallic one you sent me, I can't find it! Or am I just stupid? :(

  4. Lois, I dont think that one had a name. I try googling and I can't find one either. All the others have the names on the bottom of the bottle. How odd!

  5. Love that green. I'm seeing so much green polish lately. Makes me very happy.

  6. I was surprised with this one. I was really expecting crappy formula since its a Wal Mart only polish. The other one with the Black and Orange glitter didn't have a name on the bottom, I wonder if they just didn't put a sticker on it or if it just doesn't have a name..


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