October 8, 2010

Mac- Bad Fairy

Hey guys, I'm back! Not sure how frequently I will be able to update or even do my nails so posts could be sporadic, but I'm hoping soon I can go back to normal. I want to thank all of you for the nice comments on my last post, the do mean a lot to me and they really helped make that day better.  Today I have for you Mac- Bad Fairy, this sucker sold out quick out here but I was lucky enough to get my online order in before it went out of stock. Before Bad Fairy came out there was a lot of speculation that it could be a dupe of OPI- The Show Must Go On, which you can see here. Bad Fairy is fairly similar, but they are not dupes. The formula was okay, nothing to rave about. I did 3 coats of polish and still had a couple patchy spots. However, the wear with this was pretty great...I wore this from Monday night until about 30 minutes ago and it hadn't chipped at all...even the tip wear was minimal. Color me impressed!

This is 3 coats of Mac- Bad Fairy and 1 coat of China Glaze Fast Forward


Close up!



  1. I want I want I want!!! Glad your back. :) Missed you. :D

  2. wow this looks amazing! I love this color its so fun for the fall!

  3. very pretty. that's some pretty impressive wear time

  4. Purteehh!!
    I missed this on it´s release and will probably never own one :(

  5. This is a great color (with great wear, apparently). I'm sure it's sold out here, too.

  6. that shade-pic is just awesome! You really captured the duochrome in that one.
    Hope you are doing well...

  7. Mnnngh, I want this one so badly! lol

  8. Ough.. I want Bad fairy BAD. It's so unusual and pretty and lovely. Sigh..

  9. I own this one, I love the few MAC polishes that I have! I still haven't worn it yet. Maybe when I get tired of my current manicure I'll put it on, I think the multi-colors are gorgeous!! :)


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