November 24, 2010

Did you know Torrid makes nail polish?

No? I didn't either until yesterday. Maybe you have never heard of Torrid so you're probably like what the hell is Jen talking about right now?!? For those that have no clue what Torrid is, it's a trendy plus size clothing store. The expensive fluffy cousin to Forever 21 I guess you could say. I've shopped at Torrid for years, I think I was in high school when my friend Lacey and I discovered them in the Brea Mall...back then they weren't doing the trendy thing as much and the store was decorated all gothic and awesome looking. I miss how that store was back then...anyway I never knew they carried nail polish. I was browsing their website ( yesterday to get a new belt and decided to see what beauty stuff they mouth fell open when I saw a bunch of nail polish!

Nothing is too spectacular or ground breaking in terms of color selection, much like American Apparel they only have creme colors right now. Maybe that will change in the future, maybe not...who knows!  I ended up buying 4 colors since once I got 2 into my cart I realized it was buy 1 get 1 50% off! Props to Torrid for fast shipping too, I ordered these yesterday afternoon and they were already waiting on my doorstep when I got home at lunch today. I must live ridiculously close to their warehouse.

The first of the 4 polishes I tried is Storm Cloud, a great blue gray. It definitely reminds me of ominous looking clouds when you think the sky is going to open up and downpour. The formula was good, the first coat was really sheer and streaky but the 2nd coat more than made up for it.  The photo below is 2 coats and is in the shade, the polish did look a teeny bit more blue in the bright sun but I didn't notice that until I got back to work, so no picture :(

Now, my cousin who happens to work at Torrid says that one of the stores by us carries it in store. I didn't see any polish last time I went but I wasn't really looking either. If you happen to be at a mall with a Torrid it could be worth it to go in and see if they have it. You can also buy their polish on Torrid's website here ( I believe they only ship to the US). The bottles are not full size, they are only .33 fl oz, and each polish retails for $5.00. Like I said before when I added them to my cart it ended up being buy 1 get 1 50% off so it averaged out to $3.75 a bottle, that's not bad!

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  1. I don't think I've ever been in a Torrid. That's a pretty blue; reminds me a bit of SH Grey by Grey.

  2. It does kind of remind me of that one too Karen! I don't own Gray by Gray but I always look at it when I'm at the drugstores!

  3. I know what torrid is but Ive never shopped there. My friend is plus sized and has but she feels the quality is terrible. This is a nice color though

  4. :) I love this bottle. It's really cute.

  5. I work there! They are really fast with shipping; the main warehouse is in the City of Industry, Jen.

    I have the purple, peach, and greige-ish looking one. The purple and peach are really nothing to write home about, and I kinda wish I wouldn't have bought such simple colors. The latter one though is pretty. Perfect for my toes during the cold months :)

  6. Very pretty color. And the logo on the bottle is super cute

  7. That is great news, I did not know that! :)

  8. Torrid is owned by hot topic and was designed to be a branch off plus size only version of hot topic. Unfortunately I agree with you. Both stores have moved completely away from their punk/goth only customers and have sold out to the masses and gone main stream. I have never tried Torrid nail polish. Is the torrid nail polish the same quality as hot topics just in different colors and styled bottles?

  9. I saw these in the store once, but I didn't buy any...but only because I didn't have enough money. :)

  10. @astraea- I haven't actually tried too many Hot Topic polishes but this Torrid one was better than the HT ones I've used. The HT ones seem like they are always thin and a kind of watery consistency and it wasn't like that at all with this Torrid polish

  11. Seems like every store has nail polish these days. American Eagle has nail polish now too! Pretty crazy.

  12. Hello : )
    Shopping online or in-store? which often do you go for? just wondering lol.. i favor in-store just because i don't really like expecting it to come!

  13. @Anonymous

    I bought online, I don't know if they carry this in store or not, sorry.

  14. I love shopping at Torrid but never knew had polish. Thanks for the info.


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