November 17, 2010

E.L.F. Holiday Trio

Good morning!This morning I have for you guys the E.L.F. Holiday trio, I picked this up at Target a couple of weeks ago for $3! I like price tags like that! The polishes in it aren't too terribly unique, I bought it mostly for the gold hex glitter top coat. This is my first time trying this brand, I actually own a bunch of their regular polishes but just haven't gotten around to wearing them (yet!). I was surprised, in a good way, by the formula on these...mostly Cranberry. I have heard some not so nice things said about their formula but I didn't encounter that at all. My only issue was that the cap on Cranberry was a pain in the ass to get off!

The first polish below is Cranberry, the only non-topcoat one in this trio. It's a bright red packed with glitter. Not terribly unique but even I can't have enough of that kind of color. The 2nd & 3rd polishes are the glitter toppers, Golden Goddess is awesome! A gold glitter, gold hex glitter & holo hex glitter topcoat! I'm pretty much in love with it. I will be wearing that one a lot, it justifies all $3 I spent on the set lol. The last polish down there is Twinkle, the glitter in it flashes mostly green and blue but there was some specks of holo glitter in there too. This one is really not unique, when I saw it I immediately thought of Sinful Colors- Pearl Harbor, but's still pretty so who cares if Twinkle isn't will be fun to franken with!

2 coats of Cranberry

2 coats of Golden Goddess          

2 coats of Twinkle

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  1. they're all gorgeous. golden goddess is my favourite, stunning! :) x

  2. glitter just reeks of holiday! thanks for sharing.

  3. Gorgeous red! Golden Goddess is pretty too and it's perfect layered over black.

  4. the red is so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. :) Wow I really like this set. And for the price you can't beat it!
    I have a couple of their other polishes and they tend to be really thin. BUT they dry fast which makes them easy to layer.

  6. I grabbed this Trio at Target too and love the first two. And like you said, the third is great for frankening!

  7. Twinkle is really pretty. I've only try 2 elf polishes and both of them were good. The price is definitely a plus!

  8. Cranberry is gorgeous,I love it :-)

  9. I've got twinkle and golden goddess, they're really good for the money. I don't think we got cranberry here.

  10. For $3 you can't beat these. Pretty shade anyway no matter what the price. Like those new glitters.

  11. I like the E.L.F. polishes. I think you totally get what you pay for. If I can get three days wear before a chip out of a polish that costs a buck then I am a happy camper. There are a couple colors that I was not impressed with....but mostly I am a fan of the line!


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