November 3, 2010

OPI DS Design

Morning everyone! So is everyone else glad the election is over? I am, I can't take anymore of those awful commercials. Hopefully you are all happy with the outcome for your states. I'm just glad Meg Whitman did not win in California...I couldn't take looking at her or hearing her awful voice anymore. Not that Jerry Brown is any better but at least he was kinda funny during the debates and whatnot. Anyway...on to things that are not politics. I got an amazing package in the mail yesterday from the always awesome Carli from Konad-Licious so I'll have some more Ozotic multi -chromes & holos, BYS and Glitter Gal holos (!!!) for you soon!

Now, for today's polish I have OPI- DS Design, I got this from a wonderful blogger whom you might know...Jess from polish insomniac! I was talking on twitter a while back about how I was after all the OPI DS holos and she offered to send this one to me! Nice, huh? Thanks Jess! Design is a coppery brown holo, I love it! It was a little sheer but who cares, it builds up to be beautiful!

This is 3 coats of OPI- DS Deisgn!


  1. I think that's beautiful. I can't remember if I picked it up. I should investigate my stash...

  2. very pretty color and I love your nails!

  3. Very pretty! Holo and a peachy neutral. Nice!

  4. I love the OPI Designer Series! This color I don't have :(.

  5. So pretty! I really want to get my hands on some of the DS holos! I'll have to start saving and scouring eBay!

  6. Very nice ma'am. Jealous and stuff.

  7. My god I need more holos in my life,lol. This is sooo freaking gorgeous!

  8. Oh pretty...
    Holos always draw me in...I just can't get tired of them!
    One day I'll own ALL of the DS polishes ! One day... :P

  9. i am so glad you liked it! looks so much better on you!


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