November 5, 2010

Ozotic Pro 623

Good Afternoon! Less than 2 hours until freedom for the weekend from work for me, thank god! Anyone doing anything fun this weekend? I'm going to see one of my favorite bands tomorrow night, Bayside! Stoked to see them again, it's been a little over a year since they last toured around so it will be exciting!

This is Ozotic Pro- 623, a black scattered holo polish. The holo isn't as in your face as yesterday's purple holo from Ozotic, 623 is much more subtle. The formula was great, a little on the thick side but it was opaque in 1 coat! Wear however, not as great. I have little chips on my index and middle fingers, you can see them in both the pictures. It doesn't seem like I'm more hard on my nails than normal today so I'm not sure if it's me that caused the chips or the polish just not wearing well.

This is 1 coat of Ozotic Pro- 623


  1. Love this...looks like outer space!!! And I don't have any weekend plans...just counting down the days until the new Harry Potter movie comes out!

  2. It's like looking into a night sky, on your fingers! :)

  3. Where do you buy your Ozotics? Is there a dealer in the states?


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