November 4, 2010

Ozotic Pro 624

Another day, another Ozotic! This was one that Carli wanted to see, and's awesome too! Ozotic Pro- 624 is a deep purple with scattered holo glitter. This one is a hit at work too! Not much to say about it, the pictures do most of the talking!

This is 2 coats os Ozotic Pro- 624


  1. Wow. That is some kinda awesome.

  2. Bloody YUM! That'll have to go into my next order me thinks!

  3. I'm practically drooling...ahh I need some ozotic in my life.

  4. Man, these Ozotics are perfect...I want some!!!

  5. Oh, wow!! I posted a deep purple holo today, but it does not compare to this beauty!!!


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