November 24, 2010

Sally Hansen- Golden Cinnabar

Morning all! Bad news, I broke a nail bad though so now back to nubs. That being said I apologize for the state of these nubs in the pictures below. I despise shaping my nails so they look like hell right now. I have to make a date with my nail file and fix a couple of them tonight...yippie!! Before I talk about today's polish I thought I'd share a link with you that Zoya sent out, I thought it was an interesting read...I'm sure you guys will too. The article is here and it's all about Zoya Reyzis the founder of Zoya!

Today's polish is one I picked up at Dollar Tree recently, this is my kinda polish! Golden Cinnabar is from the Prisms line Sally Hansen gave the axe to a while back but you can still buy it on ebay and I saw it at my Dollar Tree last week. Golden Cinnabar is a duochrome! It's got a little red, a little orange and a little gold. I like this one because the colors are somewhat soft looking. It's not in your face and the duochrome is really noticeable! The formula was good, better than I had expected. I thought it would be sheer but I ended up only needing 2 coats for full opacity!


  1. :) I saw this at a DT and chose to pass on it. A few days later, realizing my mistake I sent my boyfriend up there to get it- only to find that every SH polish was gone! :(
    I just broke a nail today too. :/

  2. This is so pretty!! I have one from this line, but it isn't this one. :(

  3. This is pretty! I got a few from the dollar tree and went back today and couldnt get any more!

  4. what a pretty one! I just received my first 2 sally hansen prisms from a package they sent me :)

  5. I love this color on you. ;)

    But I'm ready to cry cause I can't find these ;(

    Oh well I'm still keeping my eye out for them.

  6. This one is really pretty. I just love duo chrome polishes =)

  7. I found this in the markets in Sydney today for $3! I got 2 others as well but I can't remember the names because I've given them to mum to put away for Christmas.


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