November 14, 2010

Ulta- Enchanted Nail Collection mini set

Hey guys, I stopped by Ulta this afternoon and picked this new set up. First time I've seen it there. The Enchanted Nail Collection mini set looks to be a collaboration with Too Faced, which is pretty cool. Maybe Ulta will keep doing things like that. Usually these types of colors aren't ones I'm drawn too, but I've been trying to step outside my polish box lol. The set contains 4 shimmery polishes and a mini bottle of Ulta's top coat. I think they were going for a holiday kind of theme given the names of the polishes, I really like all of them. Not sure how great they would be on their own, they seem like they might show VNL. I layered all of these over a nude color, Orly- First Kiss. (I almost wrote First KILL, that's what happens when I blog & watch Dexter at the same time)

First up is the set, how cute is the packaging?!? That's what first caught my eye!

Peppermint Bark, I kind of take issue with the name of this polish. When I picture peppermint bark translated into polish this is no where near what I see. I see a rich brown with red and white micro glitter. This is a peachy pink shimmer. The shimmer in this, and all of the other polishes from this mini set almost make it appear to be a foil finish...which I like!

This is 2 coats of Peppermint Bark over Orly- First Kiss

Spice Drop, this one is more appropriately named haha. It's the darkest of the bunch a medium pink. I used 2 coats for this also, layered over Orly- First Kiss

Sugar Cookie, mmm sugar cookies. This is a white base packed with gold shimmer. This one applied better than I thought it might, though I'm sure my "underwear" helped a lot. This is 2 coats over Orly- First Kiss.

Last up is Sugar Plum, this one is a purplish pink with silver shimmer. I thought initially this one would be my favorite but it ended up being my second favorite! This is 2 coats over Orly- First Kiss


  1. These are super cute. I know lots of people dont like pink nail polish but I am still a sucker for it every time

  2. :) I will be on the look out for those! I love foil like polishes.

  3. very cute set. not my kind of colors. I know what you mean about stepping outside of your polish box. I have changed my opinion of a lot of colors since i have started

  4. I love this set! But I specially like Sugar Cookie!! So pretty!!!

  5. This are darling! I love Sugar Cookie. I'd KILL for it! ;)
    I see an Ulta visit TOMORROW in my very near future. I'd go tonight if I didn't feel so tired. lol

  6. These are all great looking with the base color to prevent vnl. nice!

  7. Ooh, Too Faced for Ulta nail polish?? Didn't see that coming. Thanks for the tip! The pink colors are nicely foily. :)


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