November 13, 2010

Ulta- For Bitten

Hey everyone! Didnt think I'd be able to post today, I've been living between two places right now...1 of which doesn't have internet (sucky) I snuck home for a little bit so I could put this up real quick! I'm sure you all remember the Glam Goth mini set Ulta put out a little while back. I guess they decided that For Bitten was just so fantastical that it deserved to get a full sized bottle. Of course, I bought it! Pretty sure I've posted a swatch of this polish before but this one is probably better than the last one lol. For Bitten is a bight pink glitter in a black's so pretty! I love it even more in the big bottle!

This is 2 coats of Ulta- For Bitten



  1. Impressive color. Take care as you are in-between settings. :)

  2. Nice color! ;) I hope everything is going well. ;D

  3. Yes! Yes! Yes! Happy Dance of Joy!! Must make trip to Ulta now to get pretty pretty polish! :D

  4. Such a pretty color!! I have it but have yet to crack it open. Now I might just do that after seeing your post. Hope you get settled soon.

  5. Gahhhhh so gorgeous. I wish I could get some of these polishes here!

    ... I'm not post-stalking you at all. Not at all. Haha sorry! <3

    - Kirsten


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