November 10, 2010

Ulta- Underground

Good Morning! I am running on fumes today, last night/this morning at about 2:30am I woke up to cops outside my house with some creepo looking dude sitting on the curb and all his belongings scattered on the hood of one of the police cars. Not sure exactly what he did, but not really stoked about that creeper doing arrest worthy things outside of where I live lol. I tried to open the window and hear what the cops & him were talking about but all I could understand was one of the cops asking him why he was walking around strung out at 2:30am...then something about where he hid a gun!! what! They finally arrested him and left around 3am and by then I was fully awake. I did manage to go back to sleep eventually but then I had some weird dreams, like that my bed was covered in perfume bottles and I was trying to wade through them to grab my phone when my alarm started going off. I guess I was actually having strange dreams before that though, when I woke up due to the cops I was having a dream about my dog selling me nail polish haha. When I wake up from dreams like that I seriously wonder about my sanity lol

Today's polish is Ulta- Underground. This one comes from their fall collection. Gotta say, I don't love it, when I picked it up it looked like a gorgeous blackened Navy with shimmer like whoa. I had imagined it would be more shimmery and fantastical but it just looks all the time. Even in the bright ass Though in the picture you can see the tiniest bit of shimmer, that was completely not visible to my eyeballs while I had this on. The formula was good though, yay? For all the win's Ulta has been coming out with I guess they are allowed one fail like this every so often :)

This is 2 coats of Ulta- Underground


  1. I have this one, and I agree - it's just so stinkin dark. *sigh* Wow - you had a very eventful early morning! And those dreams. LOL

  2. I have this one too! I agree, I tried it once and threw it right back into the drawer -_-

  3. Wow sounds Like you had a crazy morning? At least you didn't hear gun shoots at night, I did a few weeks ago, not the first time though. The color looks nice buuuuut...Those dreams lol. I just had a dream the other night that a big huge spider trying to eat me. :/

  4. I hope your day got more "normal" after you woke up!

  5. Its good for stamping though :0)

  6. I have no idea, I don't stamp very much. sorry!


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