December 11, 2010

BB Couture- Eve

Hey guys! Hope you're all having a good day! Today I have for you BB Couture- Eve, I got this from the wonderful Jess from Polish Insomniac a little while ago. I've completely lagged on trying it out! Eve is one of those pretty/ugly colors, not a shade everyone will love but I sure do love it! It's a dark murky green with a bit of a brown shimmer and loads of bright green, blue and gold glitter. This color is so "me"! It was a bit sheer at first, if you use thin coats you might need to build it up...I'm more of a heavy coat kinda girl so I only used 2 coats in the pictures below. These greatly benefit from being clicked on, the glitter is whoa and you just can't see that in the little pictures very well :)

Macro of glittery goodness


  1. I've started to appreciate "pretty ugly" colours like this one. It is really pretty!

  2. This one is great!! It was my big lemming from BB Couture which is finally coming my way, yay!

  3. I like this one! I am dying to try some BB Couture polishes.

  4. It looks aMAZing on you! I now own earrings made with Eve!

  5. @jbrobeck

    I saw your post about them, they looks so pretty! I need to get some of that jewelry. i think I want one of the Nfu Oh ones!

  6. Ohhh I think I love the ugly goodness of this polish!

  7. I don't consider these shades pretty ugly at all. I love the murky greens. I love greens period. BB Couture make fantastic greens of all shades.


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