December 28, 2010

China Glaze- Groovy Green

Hi everyone! Good Morning! Today's post is going to be short because I have a massive headache :(. I picked up China Glaze- Groovy Green on a trip to a dusty one day, only to realize now it's a little HTF...sorry! I can see why people would try to be finding it, Groovy Green is a really gorgeous pale green creme, sometimes shades like this give me lobster hands but not this time! The formula was ok, not great. It was pretty streaky, I used 2 medium coats and then 1 thick one to even it all out. Please ignore the black speck of whatever on my ring finger, we can blame that on my new bottle of Seche Vite...I hate when that happens!



  1. On first inspection, I thought this was a white polish! Now I see that it's a cool as a cucumber shade. :)

  2. Ooh, pretty! I love these light green shades :)
    If there were more black dots, it would be like a kiwi ^^

  3. That is a gorgeous color. I hope your head feels better!

  4. this is amazing, i loooooooove pastels i want this!! i get migraines frequently, i take 2 exedrin migraines when i feel one coming and it works every (almost) time! just make sure you eat when you take it or it can upset your stomach.

  5. Love this polish. I don't remember whether I have this. Hope I do!

  6. nice post. thanks.

  7. I sure don't remember this one at all when it was out - but then I did not follow CG releases really close for a # of yrs - had no where to buy them - pre nail bloggers (and my following them), I had a big gap in my CG 'history!' I only really knew what OPI released - that is in their own line - not all the little speciality ones that started to slip in there in the 2000's like Beauty Buys or whatever that store was/is called - not one out here in the West that I ever knew about - Ulta Exclusives - and I did not follow the Nicole by OPI's either. Now trying to catch up for lost time. I run into some of these on e-tailers from time to time. If we had anywhere to go dusty hunting I certainly would. But where I live, there are no 'old time'shops or 'old time beauty supply places.' We have manicurists who work in hair salons and they take all their stuff when they leave. I can only find 1 place that does just feet/nails in a 200 mile radius. The economic downturn and many folks moving off acrylics was the kiss of death to a lot of nail technicians in my rural area. Love to go with someone who really knows dusty shopping in a larger metro area sometime. I love 'junking' which is what when I was raised, we called 'antique shopping.'  "True finds' were found in the old junk shops. We only seemed to even see or go into antique shops when we were on some family vacations as a kid...and mom got to reward herself with 1 or 2 prize purchases to recall the trip with. Heck, even  our 1 beauty supply that has ONLY OPI does not put anything on clearance. They move non sellers to their classics stands, integrating them in. They sit there until they finally sell. to see these 'historic' babies you and other bloggers find or have in their collection...would you not love to spend a day in Scrangie's house going through her stash with her escort? I cannot imagine where/how she stores it all!


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