December 10, 2010

Hard Candy- Sky

Hey everyone! TGIF!!  I'm already free from work for the weekend, yay! Did you all go take advantage of the 6 free color spoons from Zoya today? I did, I got Happi, Lillith, Kaufda, Mikka, Casey & Indigo! I also have a quick question for you if you live near where I do...does anyone from the Orange County or LA area know a beauty supply that sells Duri polish? I only know of 1 in Reseda but that's over an hour away from me. I'm dying to get my hands on some, and want to see/buy a couple bottles in person before ordering online. I already tried emailing Duri's customer service and they say there is nowhere around here that carries it, I find that hard to believe so maybe one of you knows a place. If you do please email me...or comment!

On to polish! This is the first Hard Candy polish I've blogged about, horray! I own a few but I guess I've just never gotten around to taking pictures for here of them. This polish is called Sky, it's one of the new shades they just put out. Sky is a very pale blue with a gorgeous blue somewhat hidden shimmer. I love colors like this, pale blue's make me look tan...I'm pretty pale so I'll take whatever help I can get in the tan department haha. I've seen a couple other blogs saying the formula on this wasn't good, but I must have lucked out with my bottle because mine was pretty good. I used 1 thin coat and 1 semi-thick coat and it's nice and opaque with no streaks! The sun has not been cooperating with me today so the picture showing the gorgeous shimmer was with, it's still pretty though!

This is 2 coats of Hard Candy- Sky.


  1. :D I got Happi in a spoon too.
    I actually just tried on this color an hour ago!
    I love it.
    My formula was a little hard to work with.

  2. sounds like you're just gonna have to bite the bullet on the duri polish. Ebay has several bottles up for sales at a decent price.

  3. Pretty shade of blue. Glad to hear you got a good bottle of polish.


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