December 6, 2010

Inglot 951 & 204

Hi guys, happy Monday! Today I have for you another new to me brand, one I thought I might not ever get my hands on! Inglot! Recently Inglot opened a store near me in Newport Beach, CA. Yesterday afternoon I went over to check it out...and whoa! I didn't really look at their makeup since I'm not into makeup but their polish selection was awesome! There was a whole wall of it! I should have taken pictures but I was literally the only one in the store with 3 sales girls and that would have been strange lol. I spent about 10 minutes looking through everything then bought a few bottles. What's funny is that this pink that is below is not one I picked out, the girl gave me the wrong polish and I didn't notice until I got home....but I actually kind of like it! I originally wanted 851 which was a dark shimmery olive green but the girl gave me 951 which is a hot pink, very barbie haha. Eventually I'll go back and get 851!

Alright so, 951 like I said above is a hot pink that is fully the perfect barbie pink color. I'm not a big pink polish kinda girl but I actually really like this! Maybe the girl giving me the wrong polish was a blessing in disguise! The formula was great! Sometimes pink can be a pain but 951 was very easy to apply and wasn't streaky, it is also very opaque! It did seem to dry matte so a top coat is probably a good idea! Another polish that I picked up yesterday is 204, one of Inglot's flakies! 204 is a blueish/purple flakie, I can't wait to layer this over black or a dark purple...I think it will look amazing! I'm really loving this combo too! My only complaint is that the flakie bottles are mini's but are still the same price as the full sized bottles of regular polish...what's up with that?!? These polishes retail for $10 so a mini bottle for $10 is kind of ridiculous, I might not buy more of their flakies because of it.

Anyway, I should also mention that they had another kind of polish called "Breathable" polish...not sure what the difference is other than a higher price tag and smaller bottle. Has anyone tried them?

This is 2 coats of Inglot-951 topped with 1 coat of Inglot- 204


  1. I've been contemplating going to the Newport Beach store for a visit, it is so dang handy to have it nearby :D

    I'm really into it for the extreme amounts of flakie polishes and eyeshadows!

  2. i dont like inglot polishes. it is a brand from Poland (so I know it very well, im from Poland too) and the colors are almost the same since i dont know... 2000? Boring boring, too expensive for that boring colors and quality isn't very good. And 10$? It is bargain, really.

  3. Oh i forgot, try brushes and eyeshadows, they are great. lipglosses and lipsticks are great too :-)

  4. I don't know the history of how long certain colors have been out etc... but I beg to differ about the color selection. I didn't think they were boring. Sure some were but I thought they had some interesting and unusual colors that were gorgeous :)

  5. Maybe, I am always looking at them and can't choose anything :( To many pearls and frosts. Mut try matte and o2 polishes, they have better shades :-) And nail whitener is great (number 04).

  6. Inglot is great, I love their make-up and nail polishes, they have every color imaginable :)

    I love their flakies, they are so pretty :)

  7. These flakies are so pretty! I want to try some Inglot polishes, too! :)

  8. :) I recently visited the the Inglot store in Las Vegas. And i was really impressed with their polish selection!
    But they didn't have any prices that I could see, so I settled on Inglot 204 which was 10 dollars and the bottle was tiny!

  9. that is so pretty - me loving pink helps too I am sure - I have never heard of Inglot brand until now, their isn't a store even remotely close to where I live :( But I don't think I love the price... oh well what can you do! :)

  10. The pink is really pretty. Not too over the top. Like the flakie layered over the pink. I don't know why you'd need breathable polish. All polish is breathable.


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