December 3, 2010

Piggy Paint- Ice Cream Dream

Happy Friday! Anyone have fun plans for the weekend? I'm going to go see Burlesque after work today but other than that...nada.Today I have for you a new to me brand, Piggy Paint. I've seen it on a few other blogs but never got around to buying any until recently. A little while back I won a CSN Gift Certificate from shortwidenails, CSN sells Piggy Paint so I decided to pick up one of the sets. I chose the Mistle Toes set which comes with 3 polishes, a red, green & milky sheer white with glitter.

The 3rd one I decided to put on is the green, Ice Cream Dream. I tried the other 2 before and it was a disaster. The white was bueno on it's own. Then I tried the red, awful...then I tried the white over the red...even worse. Finally the green...still not happy but not as bad as the others. My main issue with this green is that it's a frosty nightmare, my picture below (in my opinion) actually makes it look better than it is in person. The formula on this one, and the other 2, was surprisingly really good. I wasn't sure what to expect since these are water based polishes and lack all the harsh chemicals most nail polish has. I thought maybe they would be thin and runny, but that wasn't the case. The coverage was really good! My other main issue other than said frostyness is that this polish and Seche Vite did not get was odd. I put on the Seche the same way I do every other time I use it and it was dragging off the polish and leaving bald spots. Thankfully you can't tell in the picture below, but in person I can see and feel where the polish and the Seche Vite had a disagreement All this said, I don't think I would purchase this polish again. The set I bought was $19.99 for 3 polishes, so basically $6 a polish. I've got a lot of much cheaper polish that is much better. I do like that this is non-toxic and kid friendly though so if you're looking for something like that this would be a good purchase for you...just not my kind of thing.

This is 2 coats of Piggy Pain- Ice Cream Dream  and 1 coat of Seche Vite


  1. I've heard these polishes are icky!

    And the Seche was probably acting funny with it because B3F polishes act strange with non-B3F topcoats!!

  2. @Rachel- I thought that might be the problem with the Seche too, but I use it all the time with B3F polishes and haven't ever had a problem. Maybe because this one is water based it's different. hmm

  3. What a sweet and pretty color :)

  4. I'd use it for a pedi - thats too bad!

  5. Aw, that's too bad that the formula wasn't the best. I want to see burlesque too, but probably won't get around to it for a while!

  6. I want to see Burlesque too. And I was hoping ot do a little Christmas shopping for myself but it is beginning to look like I'll spend my weekend at home, which is ok. I'm feeling like I could definitely use the rest.

    We are having a little giveaway over on our blog. I hope you can jump over and check it out. ☺

  7. That's a pretty color, but I don't know that I'd pay $6 for it. I like that it's not chemically, but I'm not really all that concerned with that (but if I had a little girl, maybe that would be an issue).

  8. I have one Piggy Paint, The Boyfriend Blues, that I got in a giveaway, and I wasn't too happy with it either. It was supposed to be a neon and it wasn' was just a pain to apply, streaky, and dark. I'm planning on trying it over a white, but I was pretty disappointed.

  9. Were you able to use a regular nail-polish remover to remove the water-based polish? All the research I've done into water-based polishes has led me to believe that they required a special remover and that if you left them on for longer than 2 weeks, the color would permanently bond to the nail and you would have to grow it out. O.o Not necessarily the greatest selling point unless you are uber-environmentally-conscious. Seche Vite works by quickly aerializing the volatile chemicals in nail polish (which in turn 'cures' the polish to the nail), which might have interfered with the water-based polish (kind of like painting oil over a thin sheet of water on a surface), causing your drags and streaks.

  10. do you think that because it is non toxic it causes the application to be difficult?

    I guess what is disappointing is that they aren't cheap and they don't work very well =(

    this makes me sad

  11. @shortwidenails

    I'm not sure if it's the fact that it's water based or what but I think that might be a factor it in though. I wish they were a bit cheaper, I would by more to see if it was just the colors I go or their formula all together


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