December 20, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

Hey guys, happy Monday. Sorry no polish pictures today or over the weekend. The weather here has been crap and the pictures I've taken are just not good so I don't want to post them. Today is my work's holiday lunch...that should be fun, I hope. I don't particularly care for the restaurant we're going to but we do a gift exchange every year and that is always fun. The first year I worked here one of the girls "wrapped" her gift in a condom revolution bag...I've never seen so many guys fight over a gift without knowing what was in it. Whoever gets my gift this year will be's full of candy lol. Anyway, since my polish pictures are not post worthy I decided to do a products I love and use all the time post. A bunch of you commented on my last giveaway entry form that you wanted to know about this so here you go!

First up, my go to base coat. Pretty much what I exclusively use, CND Stickey. I have a big bubble bottle like below that I picked up a while back at a local beauty supply. I've been using it everyday for months and have only used maybe 1/4 of the bottle...awesome! Stickey is meant to help the wear of your polish because it dries a bit tacky and the polish sticks to it better. Can't say if this is actually true since I don't ever wear my polish long enough to notice. I've heard that some people experience staining when they use this base coat but I haven't noticed that any more than usual. Usually if a polish is going to stain on me it doesn't matter what base I use, it will stain regardless. I tried a lot of base coats before I tried Stickey and it by far works better for me than anything else I've used.

Next up, top coats. There are 3 quick dry top coats that I switch between, China Glaze Fast Forward, Seche Vite and Poshe. I can't say that I really prefer one over another I usually just use whatever happens to be closest to me. There are a few things that I like or dislike about each though. Fast Forward dries incredibly fast and leaves a nice glassy finish but stinks to high heaven...seriously. I think I got high off the fumes the first time I used it. Seche Vite, the queen of quick dries. I've gone through probably 3 bottles of Seche. It does have it's downsides though. The 2 major ones to me are that it can sometimes cause your polish to shrink, I notice it at the tips of my nails. It also has a tendency to get thick and goopy about half way through the bottle. Sure you can thin it but it just never feels the same, at least not to me. Last up Poshe, I use this one the least. It dries super fast and my bottle hasn't gotten thick but I feel like it can sometimes dull my polish. It doesn't have that same glassy effect that I get with Seche and Fast Forward.

 Lastly,  moisturizer. I'm sure you've heard a thousand times about Lush Lemony Flutter and you're gonna hear about it again. It's by far my favorite moisturizer for my cuticles. I  *try* to use this on a daily basis but that doesn't always happen. I love Lemony Flutter for a number of reasons, out of everything I've tried it softens my cuticles the most. It smells great, in my opinion anyway...I know some don't care for it. But the downside, it is a bit greasy. When I use it I try to do so before bed, while I'm laying there watching tv so it has time to soak in.


  1. I tried lemony flutter in the store yesterday! It's really nice =)

  2. We are twins when it comes to all of this stuff!
    :) I use the same base coat as you and I love the stuff! It was recommended at my beauty supply after coming in a couple times a week for polish.
    I use the exact same top coats as you do too! Sometimes if I have time I used CND Super Shiny Top Coat. It takes forever to dry, but always leaves my polishes shiny.

    I also use lemony flutter. I love it. :) I use CND Solar Oil, let that soak in, then a layer of LF. :)

  3. Lemony flutter is my personal god :D

  4. I've been thinking about getting some Seche Vite but I don't really know. And I've been wanting some of that lemony flutter (:

  5. My first bottle of Seche Vite got all gloopy half way through... I thought it might just be a bad bottle but apparently that's not the case. I haven't had any problems with the second bottle I'm using now.

  6. I want to try China Glaze Fast Forward, I can live with the smell.

  7. I use this China Glaze top coat too! It dries extremely fast, at the beginning I didn't like the smell but now it doesn't bother me and I think I kinda like it (??). I have heard that the Seche Vite consists of some dangerous ingretients so I have never bought one.

  8. I use Fast Forward as my top coat. I do have a bottle of Seche Vite lying around but I bought that before I knew about the dangers of the Big 3. Fast Forward isn't as nice and thick or fast-drying as Seche Vite, but it still works well and I like the peace of mind of knowing it doesn't have harmful ingredients in it.

    I've never tried Lemony Flutter but the name makes it sound delicious!

  9. Oh that Seche Vite works nice but yep, it gets so goopey. I had to buy this brands thinner. For some reason regular polish thinner just wouldn't work. Shrinkage is a problem. I'm using China Glaze Fast Forward and I like this. I have Stickey but haven't used it yet.

  10. i wish ChG's wasn't so smelly tho, otherwise i think it would be my fav topcoat.


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