January 31, 2011

CND Red Hot Duo Swatches

Good Morning!  I went and got a pedicure yesterday it was sooo needed. I ended up doing China Glaze Starboard on my toes...It was between that and Zoya Dannii but my Grandma liked the green better...go figure haha!

Today I have for you guys the Red Hot Duo that CND has put out for Valentines day. I am not really a red kinda girl but I like it enough that I needed this duo and it did not disappoint, for the most part anyway. First up is the colour of the duo, Just Red, which is a a gorgeous blue toned red and it's amazing! I feel like every time I post a CND polish I go on and on about how fantastical they are...but man they are awesome. CND never ever ever disappoints me with their colour polishes. The formula was awesome, and this is a bit of a jelly/creme finish, yum! I used 2 coats of  Just Red for the photos below.



Now onto the Effect part of this package, Red Sparkle. Red Sparkle is pretty much just red glitter in a clear base. To be honest this effect doesn't thrill me too much, I guess I just expect more from their effects. I do however love how it looks layered, especially in the 2nd picture below. I used 1 coat of Red Sparkle over Just Red for the pictures below.


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  1. LOL I literally JUST posted about this- how ironic!
    :) I think we feel the same about this set.

  2. @Rachel Marie

    lol did you? I'm gonna have to go check it out! We are twins today!

  3. I'm not big on reds but that looks beautiful on you.

  4. I like this but I don't LOVE it, you know? I'd love to see your pedi though, Starboard is so so gorgeous!


  5. I love reds. This is an nice combination. I love this red on you. It suits you nicely!

  6. This looks really pretty on you! I'm not sure if I'm feeling the "effects" part, but I think that's because I've been a little burnt on glitter lately...not sure why. Also, I don't own any CND polishes yet, but I keep eyeballing them on Transdesign...I'll have to pull the trigger soon!

  7. @Kirsten and Nicole

    We'll see about the pedi, if I can get a good picture of it I'll post it up. Taking pictures of feet is hard! lol

  8. @Varnish Vixen

    thanks! I feel the same about the effects part!

    I bet you'll love their polish once you pull the trigger on an order! They are so creamy and amazing. One of the most consistently great formulas I've found. I hope you enjoy their polish as much as I do!

  9. Yeah...not loving the effect but I do love Just Red! I really like those hybrid creme/jelly polishes...so pretty!

  10. I was just going through my stash and realized that I don't own a red creme. I think I should still convince hubby that I need this for V-day since he will be out of town working.

  11. @Kathleen

    same here, those kind of finish are just so perfect. Opaque but squishy looking and SO shiny!

  12. @kittypolishnbags

    I think transdesign.com has it up for sale!


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