January 27, 2011

Finger Paints Palette of Petals Spring 2011 Preview

Hi Guys, this just landed in my inbox, Finger Paints is bringing us 6 news shades for Spring 2011. They look so pretty, I'm loving Carnation Creation and Dhalia My Number! Also, how stinking cute are those rings on the bottles?!? Love them!

These will be available March 2011 at Sally Beauty Supply for $4.99 each.

(picture is clickable)
Here is a closer look at the polish colors, these are also clickable

(all images provided by PR)
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  1. All of these colors are awesome and I will be getting all of them!

  2. Love Dahlia my Number and Did you Ast-her Out?

    Although I don't know how I feel about them taking a page out of OPI's book with these names. Lawd.

  3. I like the look of the orange one (I am a sucker for shimmers). The bottles with the flowers are super cute and I would buy them just for that.

  4. I think I want them all just for the rings, LOL.

  5. lol you guys I am SO glad you like the rings too. When I opened the email I went ooooooh pretty rings then looked at the polish colors haha

  6. Ooohhhh...the colors, the rings...I want all of them! :)

  7. Oh joy those look so pretty make me excited for spring.

  8. I did the same thing! Oooh, pretty rings; oh wait, look at that nail polish! Haha. I really like these colors!

  9. ooooh pretty! must have did you ast her out and dahlia my number, too bad they are not available here....guess i will have to add them to my mua wishlist :)

  10. Wow! Wanna all of them, specially mint and teal. And the rings? So cute!

  11. ah, the color and the rings!!! love love love!

  12. I've seen these press images many times now, and I can't take it anymore...why, oh why, did they choose polish puddles with air bubbles in them? WHY???

    Okay, I feel better.


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