January 7, 2011

Manglaze- Fuggen Ugly

Happy Friday!!  Anyone doing fun things this weekend? Me? Nope. Yesterday one of my favorite bands announced that they are playing at a super small, I mean like ridiculously small venue in February. Tickets go on sale today and I have such anxiety about getting a pair! Last time a band even close to this level of popularity played there it sold out in about 5 minutes and the only reason my cousin and I got tickets is because we practically lived there at the time (we went to probably 3 shows a week at that venue) and had made friends with the guy who books all the shows :)

Anyway, today I have Manglaze- Fuggen Ugly for you, for a looooong time I wanted this polish but for whatever reason I never got around to ordering a bottle. For Christmas I got a bunch of gift cards to Urban Outfitters and they now carry Manglaze so I finally bought a bottle of Fuggen Ugly. I am seriously kicking myself for not owing this sooner, had I gotten it in 2010 it would have easily been in my top polishes of the year. Fuggen Ugly is a matte medium grey, I'm not a huge fan of matte polish and usually put a top coat on it pretty quickly but I enjoyed this one on it's own without a top coat! Once I put a top on this and stepped out in the sun I could not believe my eyes. It's incredible, multi-colored glitter was sparkling and it was just wow, not what I expected at all! The formula was pretty fantastic also, no complaints here. I used 2 coats for full opacity in the pictures below.

You can buy Manglaze on Manglaze.com or UrbanOutfitters.com. It is significantly cheaper on the Manglaze site, like over 50% cheaper so I'd buy from there if I were you!

Top Coat


  1. This looks fantastic with the top coat! I don't own any Man Glaze polishes yet, but it's on my list. Good to know about Urban Outfitters...so lame.

  2. that looks really pretty. im looking for a good grey and may check this out.

  3. It's definitely NOT fuggen ugly ;)

  4. I think that this is the only grey polish that I like. It looks really beautiful on your nails =)

  5. Wow! You just used a normal topcoat? It totally transformed it into gorgeousness!

  6. very pretty!! unfortunately I can't buy manglaze where i live :(

  7. I don't own any of this brand. This is gorgeous.


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