January 12, 2011

RGB- Dove

Good Morning! Today I have for you guys RGB- Dove. Picked this up from Urban Outfitters website. I've been wanting to try the brand for a while but was too cheap to buy any without a giftcard haha. The first one I decided to wear is Dove which is a really light almost white grey. I think this is pretty much as close as I can get to doing white nails without it looking awful on me. The formula was great on this, for such a light color I didn't have any problems with it streaking or leaving bald spots. I'm impressed! My only issue was that I got a chip on the first day of wearing this, you can see it a bit on my middle finger :( Other than that the polish was great, I'm definitely looking forward to picking up some more colors from this brand!

This is 2 coats of RGB Dove




  1. I love how this is almost white :)

  2. This looks so good! I always have problems with streaky-ness with colors like this!

  3. I have this one and it is nice. I was expecting it to be a bit more blue tinged, but it's still gorgeous. :)

    The next one you should get is Ox Blood, its an awesome jelly vamp...gorgeous! I have it and it is stunning!

  4. It's weird but I'm kind of happy that this color doesn't have any hidden shimmer or other 'dress-up' about it, lol. It's very nice. I chip my middle fingernail all the time. >.<;

  5. Ive never tried RGB polishes this looks wonderful!

  6. @Jackie S.

    ohh I'm gonna have to get that one for sure! It sounds great!

  7. Fitting name =) Gorgeous colour!

  8. I've been meaning to try this brand as well, but none of there colors feel like must-haves. This is really pretty, though!

  9. I like this light shade of grey. I never wear white polish. Just looks so stark on me. This might be better to use.


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