January 29, 2011

Sephora by OPI Mash Up & Who Let The Dorks Out?

Good Morning! I went to Sephora last night and picked up the last 2 Glee polishes I was missing, yay! If you missed the first post with the rest of the Glee collection you can check it out by clicking here!

First up is Mash Up inspired by Mr. Shue! It's a silvery greenish purple duochrome. Remind anyone of a polish in a certain singers collection? I thought so too, when I posted the first batch of Glee swatches HeatherS commented on the similarity also which made me want to find a bottle so badly! I decided to buy Mash up despite it's similarity to Not Like The Movies from the Katy Perry collection... I did a comparison on the two of them...more on that later. Mash up was fairly sheer, I used 3 coats for full coverage. I couldn't seem to pull out the duochrome as much as I wanted for my pictures. It was a bit more apparent in real life.  Below is 3 coats of Mash Up.

Now for the comparison, in the store Mash Up looked to me to be an exact dupe of Not Like The Movies, even when I got home and sat the bottles next to each other they looked exact. Once I got them on the nail they started just looking similar and not dupey. The duochrome in Not Like The Movies is a bit more strong and it also leans more purple in the sun where Mash Up tends to lean more silvery green in the sun. I rule these fraternal twins, similar but not the same. Do you need both? Probably not. I'd pick  Not Like The Movies if I could only have 1.

I used 3 coats of Mash Up & 3 coats of Not Like The Movies for the pictures below.

Finally the polish inspired by Sue Sylvester, Who Let The Dorks Out? This polish is a bright shimmery teal, in the bottle it looks to have a purple shimmer at some angles but it didn't translate onto the nail :( It's still a gorgeous color, one of my favorites of the collection! It was a bit sheer but it builds up beautifully! I used 3 coats for the pictures below.


  1. Your comparison makes me think that Mash Up could actually be a dupe to the new WnW Grays Anatomy!

  2. @Vedra

    hmm I see that too, Grays Anatomy is still in my untrieds. I'll have to to a comparison with it!

  3. I like who let the dorks out, it kinda looks like the SOPI Mermaid to Order, but I still like it

  4. Oh my! I love these pricey suckers! Man, $9.50?!

  5. I like this one, I think even more than the Katy color... and it's a color I wouldnt normally pick out.

  6. Makes me wonder if the $OPI wasn't a "fail" during the Katy Perry color making. It's pretty though!

  7. Interesting about the comparisons. But, I do like the general 'base' color of them.

  8. I would love to see a comp with GA. I wish we could get those polishes here, Party of Five looks awesome too haha.

    Mannnnnn, Who Let the Dorks Out? is gorg. Teal is my weakness and from your lovely swatches, I think I'll like that one the most! Makes sense too, since Sue is my favourite.

    Lovely pictures. I envy you if you're getting a bit of sunlight!

    - Kirsten

  9. Wow! Thanks for the comparison.

  10. how does who let the dorks out compare to austin tatious turqouise?

  11. @Crystaliciousss

    I don't have that one (yet) but when I do get it I'll do a comparison. They look similar from the pictures I've seen!


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