January 3, 2011

Zoya- Edyta

Hey guys! Back to work for a lot of us today right? It is for me and it was so hard to wake up this morning! Today I have for you guys my most recent Zoya purchase, Edyta from the Wicked/Wonderful collection. As you probably know Zoya is having a huge massive awesome sale starting tomorrow for 3 free polishes with a promo code...which I'm guessing we will get sometime today. Anyone decided what they are going to get yet? Me, I have no idea...I'm a procrastinator!

Edyta is a murky blackened green with a ton of gold shimmer/micro glitter. I love colors like this so much! The formula was awesome, I did a semi thick coat and only needed 1 for full opacity! Gotta love that! If you don't already own Edyta and are shopping the Zoya sale I highly recommend this one!




  1. Oooh this is a nice one. It's a bank holiday today in the UK so no work till tmrw for us!

  2. May have to add Edyta to my list of possibles... Very pretty!

  3. I have my 3 picked out and this is one of them (along with Pru & Jacy). The code will be released some time today. *squee*

  4. I had SUCH a hard time getting up this morning!

  5. I love this color. Doesn't Nubar have a dupe?

  6. @Silva

    I've seen on MUA that it's close to Nubar- Verde and also RBL- Anne....but I don't own either so I can't compare them :(

  7. Just ordered my first Zoya's (uber excited) I went with Adina, Ki and Kelly.


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