February 21, 2011

Misa Blueberry Glaze + CND Crimson Sparkle

Good Morning! Happy Presidents Day for those of you that live in the US, maybe you are lucky (unlike me) and have today off from work!

Today I have for you guys a HTF polish, I sometimes don't like posting HTF's because I feel bad if you guys love them then can only find them for a bazillion dollars on ebay. Misa Blueberry Glaze is to die for, it's a navy blue with tons of shimmer! Love it! The formula is a bit thin but the build up is beautiful!

This is 3 coats of Misa Blueberry Glaze

Now, I got a bit bored of that, I know...what the heck is wrong with me. I had a CND effect that I picked up recently that I was dying to use so I decided to put it over Blueberry Glaze. And the result was OMG. The effect I used is Crimson Sparkle, my camera fails at picturing it in the sun...so just imagine a slightly more blue version of Milani Totally Cool and that is what it looked like in real life. As much as I liked the combo in the sun it was AMAZING in the shade, seriously whoa! Crimson  Sparkle turned into a duochrome! yay! I love duochromes! It went from pink to a kind of orangey-gold. I love CND effects!

Below is Misa Blueberry Glaze topped with 1 coat of CND Crimson Sparkle effect

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  1. ugh I want this polish so bad & the CND effects make it that much better!

  2. gorgeous! the sparkle effects make EVERYTHING better. you should put sapphire sparkle on with it! it would look like a glacier

  3. In the shade, dare I say it, it looks like a non-jelly version of Clarins 230!

  4. NICE!!! I have got to get my hands on some Effects...since I missed the boat on SH Hidden Treasure. :-(

  5. I love HTF polishes- so feel free to show them :). haha I love the thrill of the chase!

    :) I LOVE CND effects. It made your mani awesome.

  6. @Scandalous

    dude, you are so right. That will look insane, I'm gonna have to try that mani out

  7. Ah don't feel wrong about posting a htf! There's such a pleasure in watching a great polish even if we can't have it. :) Those cnd sparkle effect are awesome, aren't they?

  8. great layering combo! CND Effects make everything better, but they make awesome polishes super awesome!

  9. Crimson Sparkle is my favorite effect! And I love HTF's, just to drool over!

  10. I LOVE Crimson Sparkle!! I just swatched it too in my blog! haha I used it over Essie - Mink Muffs and it looks so awesome, I keep staring at it. :)

  11. I nominated you for the "The Versatile Blogger" award! Check out my post!

  12. Wow the sparkle is so pretty. I would be staring at my nails all day. Do you know where you can find CND nail polishes? I never see them.

  13. @Yami

    I usually buy mine on transdesign.com!

  14. I love seeing HTFs--that way I can enjoy them vicariously. The Misa is beautiful!

  15. Very pretty, I love jewel toned nail polishes, they look so lush ;) x

  16. Blueberry glaze looks superb on you, you just rock that color !
    Xx. S

  17. Like this polish witht the top coat.


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