February 9, 2011

Misa Pixie Princess

Good Morning! Hope everyone had a great Tuesday night, I got crafty and made some sparkly magnetic labels for my Helmers. I only burned myself with the glue gun once so I consider my crafting to be a great success lol!

Today I have for you guys Pixie Princess from Misa. This is part of the Wishes Collection for Spring 2011 that Misa just put out. Now did anyone else see the promo pictures for this on Misa's website & Facebook? I did and I surely was not expecting THIS...I mean that in a fantastical kind of way. This polish is freaking gorgeous, my pictures do no justice to just how insanely pretty the shimmer in Pixie Princess is. Pixie Princess is a peachy base with pink shimmer like whoa. This sucker is ridiculous in the sun! The formula was so much better than I was expecting. When I took this out of the box I thought it was going to be very sheer and I was a bit disappointed but once I got it on I was happily surprised. It's opaque and only took 2 coats to get there! I bought 2 more polishes from this collection, and now I kind of want them all. Go Misa! The polishes in this collection dry to a satin matte finish, I actually couldn't tell that it did that on this color (I can on the others though), I prefer it with a top coat, more sparkly that way!

These are available on Transdesign.com right now, that's where I bought mine!

Below is 2 coats of Misa Pixie Princess




  1. Don't think I've ever seen a nude shimmer before! It's really lovely :)

  2. oh wow. this is prettier than i imagined :)

  3. is it pixie princess? i searched pixel princess and couldn't find it lol :)

  4. @Anonymous

    LOL it is Pixie Princess. I fixed it! Thank you :)

  5. Unexpected shimmer = WIN!

  6. I was a bit sceptical about Wishes Collection, but now I want to try all of them! :))

  7. that's a really cute polish ! very chic

  8. wow, that's beautiful! I certainly didn't see that in the promo pics. I definitely need this one.

  9. Wow! Gorgeous!!
    Looking forward to this collection!

  10. ooooh nice! can't wait for the other swatches :)

  11. OHhhhh such a sparkly && pretty nudey peach~

  12. this is going on my ever growing polish want list.

  13. My Pixie Princess literally will not dry ever on my nails! Is there anything I'm doing wrong? Did you have this problem?

  14. @Jackytheripper

    I would try a different base/top coat combo. I didn't have that problem with this polish but sometimes certain polishes just don't jive with certain peoples body chemistry. I have problems like that with some Essie polishes.

    Hope you can find a combo that works for you so that it dries! I used CND Stickey and Seche Vite and it dried for me


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