February 15, 2011

Misa Touch The Rainbow

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Today I have for you guys Touch The Rainbow from Misa. This is the last polish from the Wishes Collection for Spring that I bought. I'm thinking that I'll pick up the other 3 eventually...this collection rules, I had no idea it would be like this or I would have picked up all 6 to begin with!

Touch the Rainbow is a pale blue with a ridiculous icy silvery blue shimmer. It's so beautiful in the sun! Misa fully outdid themselves with this collection, it's not in your face amazing...it's more subtle and the awesome sneaks up on you! This one was a little bit more sheer and the formula was still a bit thick like the other 3 but it was easy to work with with it built up without any issues.

This is 3 coats of Misa Touch The Rainbow


  1. I have ordered 4 colours of this collection and can't wait to receive them. I have ordered all 3 that you have swatched + one more colour but I think I might need to order the other 2 later too! Lovely spring colours!

  2. Your swatches are making me want shades from this collection. Must....resist!

  3. Ooh I was about to buy this whole collection too. Can I ask where you bought yours from please?

  4. @Charlie

    I bought mine on transdesign.com. I think head2toebeauty.com has them for sale also

  5. just ordered mine from head2toe :D

  6. Definitively one the most beautiful colors I've seen in the Misa collection. Love these blue pale tones! To resist is futile.


  7. That's the prettiest light blue shimmer I've ever seen. Look at all that shimmery goodness - lovely!!

  8. Aaah I love it !
    It would look stunning on a tanned skin this summer !
    I want it, now now now now !
    Xx. S

  9. This is so so pretty!
    Genie in This Bottle still remains my favorite from the collection.

  10. is misa polish sold in stores or do i have to order them online??

  11. I usually buy mine on transdesign.com I've never found a store with Misa :(


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