February 4, 2011

An Oldie from China Glaze!

Hi guys, happy Friday! Any big plans this weekend? I'm thinking about re-organizing my Helmers by color instead of brand...exciting haha! I might de-stash more than I already did...there will be a blogsale soon! I've had it 99% ready to go for about 2 weeks but I just need to fix Paypal stuff and it's being difficult with me. As soon as that's sorted out I'll post it up...it's going to be MASSIVE!

So today's polish is one of my finds from the other day, I already had a few of these Mood Polishes from China Glaze, but none of the "good" colors. And bonus, the one still works....sort of! Unfortunately this one, like all the others I have doesn't have a name or any kind of number on the bottle. In the bottle the polish is a deep purple with bright blue glitter. Once I got it on I never really saw that pretty purple anymore though, once on the nail it turned from a dark navy blue to a more medium blue. Occasionally I saw a little of the purple at the tips, you can sort of see that in the 2nd picture. I wish China Glaze would re-release some of these, I love this combo and imagine what it would look like if the color change worked better...amazing!

Please ignore what looks to be tip wear in the photos below, it's not. It's shrinkage from using Seche Vite...apparently it didn't play well with this polish :(

I used 3 coats of the polish for the pictures below.


  1. I love this color!

    Dear China Glaze,

    Bring this color back, I need it now!

  2. This looks so pretty and sparkily!

  3. Oooh, very cool :) I wish they would come out with a whole collection of new ones.

  4. Oooooh, that's so pretty!
    From the In The Mood color chart, id guess its Plum To Sparkle Blue Neon?

  5. uber chic! i don't have any of these but they look super fun! i really really wish I could fly out and go shopping with you!

  6. @jeannie

    I didn't know there was a color chart! I'm gonna need to find that so I can figure out what all the other ones are too!

  7. @jbrobeck

    I wish you would, it would be so fun! If you ever make it out to my area I'll take you to all my secret spots! yay!

  8. @Danielle

    me too! Maybe it could happen, they did bring back holo for Tronica after we all asked for it!

  9. This is too cool. I've never even heard of these before, but now I want to try and find them!

  10. I never knew they did a mood collection! Very cool! Wish they'd bring it back!

  11. how cool! i like how it has its own gradient effect

  12. i like the slight purple tips~
    maybe it would be more evident w/ longer nails =p

    yah i hope they would re-release these~
    would love to get my hands on some =D

  13. I like this one! I think I've seen some of these at a local Beauty Supply. :)

  14. You really scored! I've been searching for this color and it seems so elusive. Did you find it in Little Saigon? :)


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