February 28, 2011

Reader Requested Comparisons!

Good Morning! I've gotten a few requests for comparisons lately so today I have those for you! If there is anything else you guys want to see drop me a comment here or on facebook or on twitter...or even email me and I'm more than happy to do them (if I have the polish!).

First up is Essie Nice is Nice from the Spring 2011 collection vs. Essie Lilacism. In the bottles they looked close. On the nail, they still are but Nice is Nice seems to have a bit more of a pink undertone to it.

Nice is Nice vs. Lilacism 2 coats of each

Next up is OPI Rocks LA vs. Lincoln Park After Dark. I thought for sure these would be dupey...but they are different shades of dark purple. I think having OPI Rocks LA next to Lincoln Park After Dark makes that purple come out more noticeable where it didn't last time I posted it. Overall, 99% of the time these both look black so unless you are like me and *need* everything you could pass on whichever you don't have. 

OPI Rocks LA vs. Lincoln Park After Dark 2 coats of each

Last for today is Zoya Dove vs. Essie Chinchilly. Not really close here, unfortunately. Dove is definitely more of a true grey where Chinchilly is more taupey brown grey. I'm thinking I might have something else closer to both of these in my stash but I need to look through it!

Zoya Dove vs. Essie Chinchilly 2 coats of each


  1. Chinchilly and Dove looks totally different. The others, I don't need to have both. Reprioritizing my lemmings now....

  2. I knew it. :D While Lilacism and Nice is Nice aren't dupes, they're close enough so that I don't need both. Thank you! <3

  3. i'm in love with essie smokin hot but can't seem to find it anywhere. do you have anything that looks similar??? thanks!

  4. @RWL

    I actually gave that polish away so I can't compare it but there is a good comparison between it and Nina Ulta Pro Never Glum Plum which you can buy at Sally Beauty.

    Here is a link to the comparison :)


  5. The greys are completely different. The others are very close. Thanks for doing these comparisons.

  6. Very helpful, thanks! I've been eyeing Nice is Nice in the store; I might still need it but now I know what I'll be getting. :)

  7. Lilacism disappoints me. I actually bought it first, but the formula is really weird. It ... I will be wearing nice is nice from now on

  8. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! Very helpful :D

  9. Could you compare julie g's santorini (from her new cruise line) and bikini so teeny please? They look so similar so I wanted to compare the two, but I couldn't find the julie g cruise collection in any rite aid i went to. :/


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