March 28, 2011

FingerPaints Peace, Love & Color Summer 2011 Preview!

Hi guys, this just landed in my inbox!

What do you guys think? I am absolutely loving All You Need Is Color and Peaceful Purple. I can't wait to see them in person! Below are individual bottle pictures, you can click on these!

Groovy Green

All You Need is Color

Peaceful Purple

Outta Sight Orange

Psychedelic Sunshine

Give Pink A Chance
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  1. Hhhmm IDK why I'm liking these so much. They aren't all that unique. That teal glittery one looks like it has potential.

  2. I agree... not unique but I think I'm just SO sick of this cold weather I'll take anything that says summer lol

  3. I'm agreeing with above! I have to have these!! I am loving them all! Not too sure why though! haha

  4. i am digging the teal and purple for sure and possibly the orange. very pretty.

  5. I'm excited! between this and the finger paints spring collection, i'm loving FP a bit more

  6. Wooooooow! Love 'em! So bright and colorful and just so awesome! Faves are Groovy green and all you need is color *w*

  7. Ooooh! I like a couple of those. Especially All You Need is Color and Peaceful Purple.

  8. Oh my they are such beautiful, funky colours <3

  9. Ooooh I love these, especially All You Need is Color and Outta Sight Orange! I have a weird love obsession with orange lately... can't wait to see these in person! Thanks for posting this, Jen! :)

  10. oh i want All You Need is Color and Peacfull purple! they look so beautiful!
    cant wait to see this swatch!
    thanks for sharing this

  11. I'm digging all of these especially the teal glitter!! I think I'll for these for my birthday in May!

  12. awesome, I needed another reason to stalk my local Sally Beauty!

  13. I love these! <3 Especially Sunshine and Orange. I love spring on my nails:)! and I love you original blog:*

  14. Don't own anything from this brand. These are pretty and bright. Perfect for summer.

  15. Just one more reason to love Finger Paints! So very bright and summery


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