March 16, 2011

Lex Cosmetics Cayman Cabana

Good Morning! Today I have for you guys another fab polish from Lex Cosmetics! If you want to read some background on the brand you can find it in my post from the other day by clicking here! 

So, this is the polish that started it all! Cayman Cabana was created by Lex herself while on the hunt for the perfect Seafoam Green! I have to say, I am kind of in love with the name of this polish! Here is the color story from the Lex Cosmetics website about it:

"The first color named by Lex's founder, Cayman Cabana is breezy and bright, perfect for the summer days or as an escape from the cold winter nights. It's reminiscent of the colorful homes found in the Caribbean and Virgin Islands and happens to be the color of the gorgeous ocean down there. If you can't make it to the Caymans, this color can at least take your mind there."

I haven't been too many crazy or exotic places but I actually have been to the Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman to be exact! This polish makes me want to go back so badly, it's one of my favorite places! When I went there with my family there was so much to do there, shop, sightseeing, there is a cool sea turtle farm, a one of the coolest/grossest things ever called Stingray City (I'll let you google that lol). whew, tangent...back to polish. Cayman Cabana is a light minty seafoam green. I really love it, it doesn't give me the lobster hands that a lot of polishes this shade do! The formula was absolutely great, no complaints here!

I used 2 coats of Cayman Cabana for the photo below.

You can purchase Lex Cosmetics polish on their official website Each polish retails for $10!

*the polish in this post was sent to me for review*


  1. That color is absolutely stunning! It looks great on you. (:

  2. I don't think that the color is that unique, but I LOVE the name and Cayman Islands, so I think I need it :)

  3. I love this shade!

    Recently I've had a preference for polishes with a little shimmer in them though, not all out glitter - just a sheen. I need to find this colour with that sheen!

  4. I just won this color so I am super excited about getting this one!

    Great swatch :)

  5. @Karla

    I was all good with Stingray City until one of them swap by and touched my leg. I have never hauled ass back to a boat so quickly in my life LOL. it was such a gross slimy feeling, I kinda get skeeved out just thinking about it!

  6. @25FLONDON

    The only one that comes to mind immediately is Gentle Blossom that Sally Hansen put out recently. It's the same sort of green with a subtle silver shimmer. You could also opt for layering too, so many companies make great layering polishes!

  7. @Viktorija

    lol the name is fab, I agree. I was looking at their website prior to receiving the polishes hoping that this would be one I got just based on the name alone!

  8. @Sarah

    woohoo, congrats!! You will love it!

  9. Suiting name for the pretty polish!

  10. This color is so pretty! :) I wanted a shade like this, but i didn't find anywhere, so i made my own, after reading DrFrankenpolish's blog. :)
    (Thanks to following me, You're my 1st follower!*-*)


  11. Very pretty green. I've not seen this brand before. Love this shaede.

  12. That's a very pretty color. It evokes such a calm mood.

  13. Where are you located on Grand Cayman and how do you buy the magnetic polishes


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