March 18, 2011

Lex Cosmetics Toast

Good Morning! Happy Friday! I was going to make a Rebecca Black joke but it was just too easy so I wont! 

This morning I have for you guys the last of the 3 Lex Cosmetics polishes I received called Toast. Toast is a sheer nude polish, kind of a pinkish beige. I really like the color of this one, I have a serious love for nude colors...I don't know why I do but I have a ton of them! Here is the color story behind the color from the Lex Cosmetics website, $1 of each bottle of Toast goes to Habitat for Humanity!:

"I chose the name because it reminds me of what you're wearing when hanging in on a weekend with your boyfriend, watching movies and making breakfast in bed... hence 'Toast'!
I like it too because its casually elegant - perfect for everything from a job interview to a first date and it's great to compliment bright spring colors because it's neutral."

I found that Toast was a bit sheer, I don't really care for sheer polishes...but I really liked the way this looked after 3 coats, I decided to add another just to see if it would build up a little more (it did!). At 4 coats Toast was mostly opaque and looked kinda squishy if ya know what I mean. It reminds me of one of my favorite nude colors Ulta Sheer Beige, even though this is more sheer than the Ulta polish I enjoyed the formula on Toast more, it was easier to apply!

*the polish is in this post was sent to me for review*


  1. wow! this is a gorgeous nude polish! Love it!

  2. A little to light for me. Looks nice on you.

  3. I love nude colours,and this one looks really good! :D

  4. i really don't understand why people think nude polishes are boring, they're so gorgeous!

  5. I don't care for this one. Looks nice on you. Too pale for me.


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