March 17, 2011

Nicole by OPI One Less Lonely Girl pt. 2 Swatches!

Good Morning, Happy St. Patrick's Day!! Today I have for you guys swatches of the second half of the One Less Lonely Girl collection from Nicole By OPI. I am absolutely loving these colors, I saw on another blog that there is a rumored 3rd set of polishes from this collection coming out soon so I look forward to see those too! Don't forget this set is one of the prizes in my 1 year Blogiversary giveaway! If you haven't entered yet you can by clicking on the picture at the top of my right sidebar!

First up is "Baby" Blue, a light blue. It's a bit too bright to be called a pastel but it's not in your face if you know what I mean. I love it, it's easily my personal favorite from this half of the collection, I'm actually wearing it on my toes right now! The formula was great, all of them from this collection were!

I used 2 coats of "Baby" Blue for the photo below.

Next up is Make U Smile, a silver glitter top coat. It's packed with small round silver glitter and larger silver hex glitter. I really liked this, the glitter was easy to get onto the nail and I didn't find myself having to place it where I wanted it!

Below is 1 coat of Make U Smile over "Baby" Blue

I've Got Bieber Fever is a dark purple with a bit of a pink & purple hidden shimmer to it. I have to say, I am not happy with my picture of this polish. I was uploading my pictures and my bottle promptly committed nail polish suicide by falling off my desk and breaking :( so i couldn't re-take the picture...bummer! RIP I've Got Bieber Fever. 

Below is 2 coats of I've Got Bieber Fever

Not A Gold Bigger is a gold foil. Have to say, personally I don't care for this one. I'm not much of a gold girl or a foil girl. The formula was good and I love the coverage I get with foils they just tend to maximize every imperfection I have on my nail lol. 

Below is 2 coats of Not A Gold Bigger

Next up is One Time Lime, a really bright lime green! I love it! The formula was fantastic on this one, not streaky or hard to work with! Be careful when removing this, I wasn't and you can see my green stained fingers in the next 2 pictures because of it lol

Below is 2 coats of One Time Lime

Next up is I'm A Belieber a rich purple creme. Gahhh I love this one so much, it's a perfect purple. Not totally unique but it's one of those ones I would buy no matter how many dupes I might have of it!  I think I'm going to need to think of a new name for this one though, I would die of embarrassment if I wore this out and someone asked me what it was and I had to respond with "It's I'm a Belieber"  lol. Please excuse the green fingers in the picture for this one *side eye to One Time Lime*

Below is 2 coats of I'm A Belieber

Red-y To Runaway Love? is a bright red creme. I'm not a big red polish kinda girl but I really like this one. I've worn it again since swatching it! Great formula on this one, just like all the others from this collection!

Below is 2 coats of Red-y To Runaway Love?

Last up is My Lifesaver, a soft blue leaning mint green. I had major issues photographing this one. If you follow me on twitter you may have seen me ranting about it earlier this week lol. This is as close as any of my cameras can seem to get to what it looks like in real life. I don't know why it was being such a pain, usually minty colors don't give my camera issues! I liked the formula on this one, but I found that I had to have a very soft touch with the brush when applying it or else it would get weird streaks...not a huge issue just thought I'd mention it!

Below is 2 coats of My Lifesaver

Will you guys be picking any of these up? I think I will probably be going out to buy a new replacement bottle for myself of I've Got Bieber Fever!

These polishes are available at most retailers that sell Nicole by OPI including Target, Ulta, and Walmart and retails for around $8 a bottle depending on where you buy.


  1. I'm probably going to buy a few of these. I won't lie, I shudder at the thought of Justin Bieber, but I have fallen in love with almost every polish in this collection!

    Thanks for the great swatches!

    -Many Smiles!

  2. gaaaaaaaaahhhhh too lovely. i kinda sick of justin bieber, but actually he's good at polish hahahaha. not a gold bigger is totally insane. definitely my next wish list!

  3. I love the blues, but that's because I'm a blue fanatic

  4. I really want the blues in this collection!

  5. woa! Haven't seen these in stores yet! Not a fan of Justin Bieber, but I like the look of Make U Smile - it reminds me of Deborah Lippmann's Today Was a Fairytale.

  6. I love one time lime and will have to get it to add to my 27 other greens I have :) Also don
    t worry about how your pictures look. I am very envious of the quality of your pictures. Yours just seem much more clear and detailed than mine do.

  7. I got My Lifesaver in a swap and I can't wait to wear it !

  8. Aaaaaargh! I want them so badlyyyy.....But I don't want to buy them from the internet... What will I do... But glad that you got 'em and showed them ^^

  9. These are nice polishes. Shame they're associated with Justin Bieber.

  10. My camera did the exact same thing with My Lifesaver. It's way more green than it looks in photographs.

    Didn't My Lifesaver come out with the first collection, though? Or is it being released with both?

    I like the silver glitter topcoat, "Baby" Blue, and the purple whose name I refuse to say/type, lol. I had a hard time getting the couple of polishes from the first part of this collection so I doubt I'll track these down. The cremes are pretty, though.

  11. "Baby" Blue looks a bit like Zoya Yummy (also a soft robin's egg blue). Pretty collection but my obsession is with 'My Lifesaver'!

  12. @Tracie aka tahillia

    I thought that about My Lifesaver too. I looked back through the old press releases I had about this collection and it wasn't originally included with the first set of One Less Lonely Girl on the press release but I think it was available to buy when those came out. Weird, I know.

  13. I love these collections, I have My Lifesaver, and I definitely want Gold Bigger, Redy to Runaway, and I'm a Belieber...haha

  14. That blue is so yum!

  15. the glitter looks great over that color!

  16. What a great collection! I love the light green, the baby blue and the purple! WOW!

  17. Hi Jen,
    Great swatches ! Aren't Make U Smile exactly the same polish than Flurry Up by Sephora by OPI ?

  18. @Amélie

    They look pretty similar but unfortunately I don't have Flurry Up so I can't compare them :(

  19. Love the green and purple! I am such a sucker for shiny things that the gold calls to me!

  20. there's not even one colour i don't like, such a good collection :)!

  21. Yep! I got four of these a couple of weeks ago and I purchased four from the first collection that came out also. That makes 8 bottles of the Justin Bieber collection at my house. Not only does my daughter love him, but the colors are good ones. I think this was pure genius on the part of OPI and they have been very market savvy here lately with their pairings with Katy Perry and Serena Williams. I would love to see a Lady GaGa collection put out!!! Think of the possibilities there!! Too bad she already has associations with Deborah Lippman and MAC cosmetics. :(


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