March 25, 2011

Nubar Spring Garden Collection Swatches!

Good Morning, TGIF. This has felt like the longest week ever! At least I only have 6 more hours until freedom from work for the weekend!

Today I have for you guys swatches from the Nubar Spring Garden Collection! I think I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is my favorite Spring Collection as a whole this year! I'm in love with all the super pale shades and the formula on each polish was great! I've been drooling over this collection for a few weeks. I went to my local place a while back and the owner was showing bottle pictures. Ever since I have been calling weekly to see if they got them! I was so excited that they finally did so I ran down there and bought the whole collection the other day!

First up is Yellow Primrose and really pale yellow. Love this, the color, the formula, everything was great here. I used 3 coats for full opacity. I would call this a careful 2 coater though, I only used 3 coats to even out a couple patchy spots.

Next up is White Peony, it's a nice creamy white. It seems like it has a little bit of an ivory undertone in it so it's not just stark white...I could actually wear this out and not feel like I painted my nails with white out. I used 2 coats for the photo below. 

Earthen is a murky taupey grey with a very subtle shimmer. Again, I love this one. I didn't realize these had shimmer in this but a few do. It makes them a little more special and different! The formula was great, super easy to work with! I used 2 coats of Earthen for the photo below.

Baby Sprout is the palest pale green you can probably ever find. I didn't know I could gt anything more pale than China Glaze Groovy Green but here it is. 99% of the time my camera was seeing white with this one. It's still a tad bit more green in person than in my photo. This was by far my favorite polish in the collection. I wore it for 2 days and got tons of compliments. It's also wore really well! I usually get tip wear pretty quickly since I'm typing on a computer at work all day but my mani with Baby Sprout looked brand new 2 days later! I used 2 coats of Baby Sprout for the photo below. 

Pink Lily is a soft baby pink, it also had a very subtle shimmer running through it. The shimmer isn't very noticeable but it give it a little something else. I like it! I needed 3 coats for this polish, it was a bit streaky after the 2nd coat but the 3rd coat evened it out!

Purple Aster is a pale lilac with a very subtle shimmer. I think I probably have polishes close to this but none with that shimmer! The formula was again, great! I used 2 coats of Purple Aster for the photo below!

Blue Hydrangea is a pale blue with that same hidden shimmer! It's a little more noticeable in person than in some of the other polishes. My camera couldn't seem to pick it up very well. This polish is one of my favorite kinds of somehow makes me look tan! The formula was great, I used 2 coats for the photo below.

Honeysuckle is a gorgeous pink! This one is the most typically "spring" color in my opinion. I was expecting it to be a little more muted from the other photos I've seen of it but it was really bright on me. Not neon or even close to it but not as "dusty" as I was expecting. The formula was fantastic, it practically applied itself! I used 2 coats of Honeysuckle for the photo below.

Last up is Dewdrop a soft multicolored glitter top coat.I'm loving that even the glitter top coat is pale! It looks gorgeous over all the colors in the collection, each polish seems to bring out a different tone in Dewdrop. My favorite combo was Dewdrop over Honeysuckle, it brought out a gorgeous blue tone in the glitter. Unfortunately though my camera was refusing to take a good picture of that :( So instead of that combo I have my next favorite one to show you. Dewdrop over White Peony. Where do I start about how much I love this combo, it's brings out all the Easter looking colors in Dewdrop. It kind of reminds me of that plastic grass that would be in my Easter basket when I was a kid. It also reminded me of a snow globe. I can't wait to layer Dewdrop over a ton of colors, it's so pretty!

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  1. i love the whole collection, but the blue definitely surprised me, i don't normally like blue but i want that one!

  2. Oh thank you for these swatches.. I needed them to get through the last working hours of this very long week. So pretty all of them!

  3. honey suckle is my fav!!

  4. Where do I buy these? :( What beauty shop should I look at?

  5. @SomeoneSunshine

    you can buy them on Nubar's website, If you email them they can probably tell you if there is a store local to you that sells Nubar

  6. Glitter top coat is lovely! I wonder if other companies have similar shades to Honeysuckle

  7. wow! the whole collection is so pretty !! my fav is pink lily !

  8. I'd like to see the yellow up against a piece of really white paper to see how tinted it actually is.. any ideas?

  9. i wish i can wear this pastel color laike this :(
    so jealouse of you,, *sigh*
    btw i think im gonna get the glitter top coat, they look beautifull

    thanks for the review :D

  10. I love that blue one the best!

  11. I want earthen and dewdrop most but the etailer I usually buy from doesn't have them in stock yet. getting impatient!

  12. I want this whole collection! Gah, I'm loving pastels so much right now! Great swatches, thank you!

  13. Blue Hydrangea is my favorite. very beautiful!

  14. Blue Hydrangea, Pink Lil y and Dewdrop are AMAZING. I need them in my life.

  15. Im not really feeling these colors. I am suprised how many people like them... They just seem kind of blah...

  16. You're so right! This collection is beautiful :) They're so delicate!
    i think my favourite one is Yellow Primrose, but also Pink Lily is gorgeous :)
    Have a nice day!

  17. @Viktorija

    I'm sure there are a few out there especially for this season. Honeysuckle was supposed to be the "it" color for Spring! I'm going through my stash to see if I have any comparable colors :)

  18. @steph_gem

    I find myself craving these kinds of colors lately. They aren't for everyone though. A lot of other companies put out bright collections for Spring , Nubar's is a nice change from that!

  19. Thank you everyone, I'm glad you guys are liking these! It's such a soft and pretty collection!

  20. These are pretty but not all of them. I'm not crazy about the white. Love the last four.

  21. Hey there! How does Yellow Primrose compare to Illamasqua's Load? It looks quite similar in your swatch.

  22. @coco_fiere

    Unfortunately I don't own Load so I can't compare them but I agree, they do look very similar in pictures


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