March 31, 2011

NYC Lemon Cream

Good Morning! In case you don't follow my blog sale blog I added a few more polishes this morning, check it out here! I also lowered the price on some of the older stuff...I just want to get rid of it! I really hope Zoya does their polish exchange again this year, I have so much stuff that is just sitting around that I want/need to get rid of like minis and franken fails!

Today I have for you guys NYC Lemon Cream. This was in a new Spring looking display at Rite Aid! I picked up Lemon Cream and a minty green color, there were a few others I liked but I need to see how the formula on the green is before I buy any more! Looks like NYC has changed their bottle up with this new collection, honestly I'm not a fan of it now. I don't like round bottles like this one very much (I'm weird, I know). Lemon Cream looked like a pastel yellow in the bottle but it turned out to be somewhat bright and sunny! I love the color, I really love yellow polish even though I don't wear it too often! The formula here was just okay, yellow can be hard to work with so I am taking that into consideration. I needed 4 coats to even Lemon Cream out. It's gorgeous so I'm willing to do that extra work sometimes!

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  1. Creme finishes look gorgeous!! i am yet to try these kind..*SIGH*.the burden of living in India..:P :P It looks B E A utiful!! :)

  2. Beautiful color! :) I need to check the rest of them out!

  3. Oooh, I love this, I've been getting really into yellows lately (and oranges, weirdly). Looks great on you! I shall have to look for this next week!

  4. I soo luv cream finishes..this is soo pretty and springy!

  5. Gorgeous color, spring is here!

  6. Love it! Lemon cream is the perfect name, it kind of reminds me of meringue now =)

  7. This is such a pretty lemon shade. I got a load of the new collection. Lots of pretty Spring shades.

  8. Love this yellow shade! I'm searching for a similar one :)

  9. Oh wow, so gorgeous!! I need to get my hands on this one! I've really been drawn to yellow {and orange} polishes lately...and this one is a definite win! :) So pretty!

  10. This is so pretty! I've been on the lookout for something like this! I wish they have NYC here!

  11. @Fathima Abdul Kader

    aww that's a shame stuff like this isnt easily available for you. I hope you can find something similar!

  12. @Morgan

    There were some fantastic colors in the display...I wanted quite a few of them!

  13. @Kirsten at GlittaGloves

    me too! I think maybe it's because summer is coming...I start craving bright colors like yellow & orange!

  14. Thanks everyone! I agree with all of you Lemon Cream (a very fitting name) is really great for Spring! I'm loving that you guys love it!

  15. Ooh, that polish looks a gorgeous colour, I'll have to check that out!

  16. HI Jen, I received my blog sale items today, thank you VERY MUCH!!! I love them all and appreciate your sale. I look forward to the next one! And thank you for the "extra"! I love the color, my birthstone is emerald! I have always wanted some Barry M. :-) You are the best! And one of my very favorite blogs!

  17. @TraceFace

    awesome! That was quick, I'm glad you like the extra also..enjoy!


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