March 21, 2011

OPI Austin-tatious Turquoise vs. Sephora by OPI Who Let The Dorks Out?

Good Morning guys! I was going to be posting the Zoya PR releases for summer but I'm guessing you have already seen them about a bazillion times so I'll spare you from seeing it again, I know it gets annoying!

Instead of Zoya stuff I have a comparison for you today! Sephora by OPI Who Let The Dorks Out? vs. OPI Austin-tatious Turquoise. These looked pretty much identical in the bottle. They look pretty much the same on the nail too! Austin-tatious Turquoise is maybe just a tad bit of a darker tone of blue but really, you can't tell in my photos or really even in person. The only difference here was opacity...Who Let The Dorks Out? was a bit more opaque, I only needed 3 coats of it versus needing 4 coats of Austin-tatious Turquoise! Overall, the OPI is cheaper...if you like this I'd buy that one. I'll happily do an extra coat of polish if it saves me $1 on the bottle of polish.

Both of these photos are shade photos, the sun was being elusive yesterday!


  1. have you tried them with SOPI Mermaid to Order? I feel like it would be similar too!

  2. I bought the OPI polish on transdesign for $5. If you do that, you end up saving $4.50 now that the $OPI polishes have gone up in price (ridiculous, btw)!

  3. Whoa, I have the $OPI one so now I'm glad I didn't grab the OPI! I almost did :P

  4. @elizabeth

    I don't own Mermaid to Order :(

  5. @Tracie aka tahillia

    heck yeah, even a better deal that way!

  6. Thank you for the comparison!!
    I was feeling like some of those Glee colors were OPI dupes, which is kind of lame.

    And thank you for not posting the Zoya promo pics again...I know people post them because they want to get the information out there and they mean well, but after seeing it on like twenty different blogs, it's like omg enough already. LOL.

  7. @elizabeth
    Mermaid to order leans very green, and more matellic that dorks, I compared them in paper at the store!

    THANKS for the comparizonm this is why I didnt get the OPI! They looked the same in the bottle, i'm so glad they are also comparable on the nail!

  8. I picked up AT quite a while ago but haven't used it yet (along with so many other colors) - now I want to change my mani I just did last night!

  9. @claudia thanks! lol i own mermaid to order, but not the other 2!

  10. I LOVE THIS COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!! So great!
    I love how you post so regularly-- I want you to know it's noticed and appreciated!! =D
    Btw Thanks for the follow Jen-- I just saw it on my blog list-- that's so kind! I feel special, haha!

  11. Thanks for the comparison! I'll buy the OPI since it is cheaper. I can't tell any difference between. Maybe in person you can. This is a big help to me.


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