March 30, 2011

Sephora by OPI Slushied vs. FingerPaints Carnation Creation

Good Morning!  Happy Wednesday! I kinda can't believe it's only Wednesday, this seems like such a looooong week. Maybe because it's been a crappy one for me so far it just drags to torture me a little more. That's actually the reason I didn't post yesterday...I tried but my crabbyness was coming through more than I like it to lol

Today I have for you guys another comparison, this one was requested via email! Sephora by OPI Slushied vs. FingerPaints Carnation Creation! In the bottles when I had these on my desk they looked pretty similar but once I got them on they were different enough to justify owning both, in my opinion! Slushied is more of a bright true blue where Carnation Creation is more dusty and teal. They both have great formula, I still need to pick up a full sized bottle of Slushied! I used 2 coats of each polish for the picture below!

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  1. Love the one from Sephora way more! Pretty color. :-)

  2. The FP is more up my alley--I love a hint of grey.

  3. Hi, Im wearing the carnation creation right now and I like it but I think I like SOPI better but its alot more expensive than finger paints!

  4. Great comparison! I like them both, but I'll probably only pick up CC.

  5. Has this Sephora by Opy a better structure? I dont like Sephora polishes very much bye me they just stay one day without loosing color Chipping

  6. I really like Slushied! Very pretty!
    Thanks for the comparison!

  7. I love both. Roomie saw that and she said, "Oh good, dupes, so you don't need them both!" and I just stared at her. CLEARLY they are not the same. I need CC now, I love those kinds of dusty colours!

    And giiiirl, I was right along with you on that crabby train yesterday. Though you know that already LOL. I hope your week gets better! DM me if you need to vent again! <3

  8. Yesterday must have been crabby day because I was quite cranky myself. Thanks for the comparison :) I have FP and looove it. Slushied is pretty as well but doesn't make me want to rush out and buy it.

  9. I thought that CC was more lika a turquoise than a teal...
    Both are great colors!


  10. Thank you very much for the comparison!

  11. I love Slushied and am wearing it right now, I actually blogged about it yesterday. Love it!

  12. Not to far apart in color. Just ones a bit deeper. I don't have either. I do have a few polishes that are similar.


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