April 25, 2011

Nfu Oh 62

Good Morning everyone! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  I am SO excited about this post today, I had this on last week and have been meaning to post it! I recently got my first Nfu Oh holo polish in a swap, I have been dying to get one but half the stuff I want is always sold out so I never actually order.

Nuf Oh 62 looks like a silver holo in my pictures but the base color is more of a pinkish tan color, very neutral looking. The holo in this baby was strong, my favorite! The formula was tricky but who the heck cares when it looks like this after you manage to get it on! Needless to say I need the rest of their holo's in my life immediately, now if stupid 61 would ever get back in stock...

I used 3 coats of Nfu Oh 62 for the photos below. And I DID use a top coat in these, Sally Hansen Insta Dri. I know people say Top Coat kills holo and man...if this is dead holo I can't even imagine how it would look un-dead. I might die from it's beauty if I wore it that way.

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  1. that is likely the prettiest holo i've ever seen in my entire life

  2. oh so gorgeous!!! I luv these polishes!

  3. Topcoat doesn't kill a holo... MATTE topcoat does. I sure hope they get these back in stock again soon!

  4. Beautiful! Where do you buy this brand?

  5. @desertbunnee

    fabuloustreet.com but they are all sold out...like always. That's why I had to swap for this :)

  6. omgg!!! so prettyy!! too bad these polishes are a bit expensive for me :(

  7. pretty! it's a little like gosh holo except it has a red tint to it.
    did you use any of those special base for holos?

  8. Man that's gorgeous. =D I really need to get my fingers on some of their polishes.

  9. @Adeline

    nope just my regular base coat, I usually don't a problem when I use that. The Nfu Oh Aqua Base is on my list to buy though. I hear it actually does help the application!

  10. Ohh, that´s a beauty! I have Nfu~Oh 63 and 64 and they are also beauties.

  11. THIS is the queen of holos. Seriously gorgeous!

  12. LOVE holos like this! Gorgeous.

  13. I just got #66 in the last week!
    This one was out of stock when I ordered!

  14. I got this one when it came back in stock! Its amazing and I think it doesnt get as much love as the other holos by Nfu-oh. Very pretty! Makes your day happier doesnt it? :)

  15. I love love love this. I still need to get my first Nfu Oh.

  16. I've heard that Nfu Oh makes the best holos... and now I see it's true! I wonder if it would look even better with their special basecoat. Darn! Now I want them! Gorgeous polish--thank you!

  17. I have to buy some of this brand. I only own two. I really want some flakies. I've used a top coat over a holo before. I never thought that there was a difference.

  18. As to the base coat: I read on other blogs that the Nfu Oh Aqua Base makes it al lot easier to apply, and instead of 3 or 4 coats you can suffice with 2, so it's def worth it. AND the Gosh Fix Base is almost identical, so if you don't want to order online, that's good option. My Nfu oh holo's re coming in today, so I'm going to swing by my local drug store for the gosh in a bit. :D


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