April 24, 2011

OPI Rally Pretty Pink vs. Zoya Faye

Happy Easter everyone! My family doesn't really do much for this holiday, we aren't really religious so it's just a regular lazy Sunday for me. I went and saw the movie Hanna this morning, it was SO boring. If you wanted to see it just....don't lol.

Today I have for you guys a much requested comparison from the other day. OPI Rally Pretty Pink vs. Zoya Faye. I just picked up Faye today at a Planet Beauty store across from the movie theater then got home ASAP to see if they were as close as I thought they would be. Guess what guys, we were all right they are very dupey. Formula was very much the same also, can't say I prefer one over the other. I do like OPI's brush better but that's just a personal preference. I used 3 coats of each polish for the photo's below.

Can you tell them apart?

No? Here they are at a bunch of angles labeled which is which!


*OPI Rally Pretty Pink was provided to me for review*
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  1. Perfect! Now I don't have to get Rally Pretty Pink :)

  2. i thought so!
    i have faye coming to me from a giveaway so i won't be needing rally pretty pink! (however the other glam slam collection never made it to my province, so the new ones probably won't either!)

  3. I can't tell them apart at all! Thanks for the comparison.

  4. I'm wearing Faye right now and it's become an unexpected new favorite! There's just so much going on with this color.

    Looks like they are dupes. Thanks for the comparison!

  5. Poo. I'd rather have the OPI color because I prefer the formula but I already have it from Zoya. :-\

  6. What up with Zoya and O.P.I duping?... It's getting a little ridiculous.

  7. Wow. That is a crazy dupe. What is up with that? No need.

  8. I think Rally Pretty Pink is only available in a set with the White Shatter... I wonder if they'll be releasing the White Shatter on its own or if you can only get it in the set?

  9. Sorry... red shatter. *brain missing due to massive Easter chocolate ingestion.*

  10. Huzzah! Since I have Faye I have no reason to get Rally Pretty Pink. Thanks!

  11. @ANA

    Unfortunately I have no idea if they will be available individually or not. I would *think* so since the last set was.

  12. I have Faye coming to me from the exchange and every time I see pictures of it I get really excited because its so beautiful!!

    I also think its weird how Zoya and OPI are duping for this season...

    Oh and I think I will end up seeing Hanna anyway. I always end up seeing movies people have said were bad... and I kind of have a thing for bad movies!

  13. They look almost identical to me. Maybe RPP is a smidgen more golden. The preference of one over the other probably comes down to if you use Seche Vite or not. haha

  14. I feel so smart! LOL Now, I have to decide which one I want

  15. thanks for the comparison. I already have Faye and don't want the shatter so you just saved my husband $15.

  16. Oh that's kind of sad...all this time I thought Faye was special. LOL.
    Thanks for the comparison!

  17. Wow that is ridiculous. But the color looks great! Could you tell any difference in application, # coats or anything? Were they identical completely?

  18. Apart from the comparison....what an amazing colour!!!

  19. Thanks for the comparison!! Very helpful!

    Will this shade be like Charla and get many many dupes too?

  20. Thanks for the comparison, I alreaady had this idea that they would be so similar, now I don't have to order both :)!

  21. @Miranda

    lol I sure hope not, it bothers me when literally everyone does the same color like what ended up happening with Charla and all it's 5 or 6 twins

  22. @NotesandNails

    I think I covered that in my post :)

  23. This is fantastic! I already have the Zoya. Now I don't have to buy the OPI!

  24. Aren't they both the same or close to: Orly "Rock The World"?  And.... Models Own "Pinky Brown".  All of them get my vote!


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